NY Health Freedom Fighters Back in Court – 9-30-19

Will there be a preliminary injunction granted to stop the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination in New York?

September 29, 2019 — Tomorrow oral arguments will be presented in a courthouse in Bath, NY – a town of only 6,000 people. Law enforcement agencies in the town have been discussing just how to handle the population of their town increasing by 50 to 100% in one day.

Nevertheless it seems like there will be a very positive welcoming for all the Health & Religious Freedom Fighters traveling to Bath, NY tomorrow. The below is a post from John Gilmore and gives all the details you will need to know if you are planning on traveling to Western NY for another historic day in the fight for Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice.



ANYONE TRAVELING TO BATH, NY FOR ORAL ARGUMENTS!!!!!! Important information!!!!!

For those coming to the Bath hearing on Monday, some important details!


Hope everyone is getting EXCITED to physically visibly stand for freedom on Monday!! Everyone coming needs to know this is a SMALL town. If you’re from out of the area, think Andy Griffith and Mayberry. Accommodations for this size crowd especially on short notice will be few, so please plan ahead and be patient.

Remember that at any given moment, you are the face of the entire movement, so let’s represent each other well in our decorum.

Thank you to Jerry Karns for being boots on the ground in Bath & putting together this info –


Some (A lot of) info for people coming to Bath on Sunday/Monday… First and foremost people that are coming from really far away have to realize… this isn’t Albany…this is a VERY small village of about 6,000 people. There isn’t really the infrastructure in place to accommodate the numbers we could see coming but the village is really working hard to make it as smooth of a process as possible. I was in a meeting this morning with County and community leaders along with the heads of the law enforcement agencies for the area, Village Police, County Sheriff, State Troopers…. I have been asked to share details of that meeting with you. While there are some on street (metered) parking around the park and down Liberty Street (Main street through town)… The sheriff’s department is asking that we have everybody park at the fairgrounds that we can… For GPS purposes use 11 East Washington St Bath NY 14810. That will put you in front of the fairgrounds. You will see the ticket house (picture below)…to the right of that house there will be a gate open in the middle of the fence for people to drive in… Once inside people should follow the map below and there is a large field to the left shown in the picture where the fair manager is requesting we park. If that fills up… there is overflow parking in the infield of the fairgrounds. That is accessible by continuing down the fence line and turning down Rumsey Street The entrance to the fair is the first thing once you turn down the street… once you go over the horse track there is parking in the grass.(see same picture) The bathrooms are located next to the parking area and they will be open for people to use (please try to keep them clean)

To get to the courthouse from the fairgrounds leave the gate you drove through then cross East Washington to Gansevoort Street. Two blocks down the street it ends at East Steuben Street and you will see the courthouse across the street. The park where the police are asking us to all assemble Is on the backside of the main building. The police department is going to barricade off the east side of the park so you can be in the street as well as the park but they are asking that everybody stays behind the sidewalk in front of the courthouse to allow for foot traffic to still flow.

Because of people calling the court and asking questions about where the judge would park and asking where his office was.. they are on high alert… understandably so…. so the judge will not be following normal protocol so staging near reserved parking and things like that so the judge can see you is going to be pointless…and the police departments have asked that everybody stage in the park…. as I left the courtroom this morning I noticed that it appeared to only be one entrance and the hallway outside the door is all glass and there is a full view of the park… I went to the park and took a picture looking back and then circled the hallway outside the courtroom door. As Kevin said in the video… the courtroom is VERY small… no room for people to go in and the sheriff’s department is going to have deputies stationed outside the courthouse screening people before they go in to ensure normal operations can continue … the courthouse also houses the DMV and many other service organizations so they are asking that everybody stay outside.

Bathrooms are basically non-existent… There are a couple of restaurants nearby that will allow customers only… but even that being said… they can’t come CLOSE to handling the number of people we are talking about… I would utilize the bathroom at the fairgrounds to the best of your ability … the Village is working (on their own accord to accommodate us) on getting port o potties set up in the park but don’t depend on them because they have no obligation to do so… but there was talk of it at the meeting this morning.

Before or after the fact there are fast food restaurants on the other end of the village that could accommodate people for food and bathrooms…and Family Life Network (7634 Campbell Creek Road, Bath – 4 miles north of downtown and just off 390 if you’re coming from north or west) has offered to let us use their bathroom facility and can accommodate large crowds. Buzz in the front entrance and staff will direct you.

For food/water… There are couple of small restaurants within a block or two of the park … The Chat-a-Whyle Family Restaurant can probably handle the most people… Stephanie’s Family Restaurant is on the opposite side of the park… it’s smaller though …. I have arranged for at least 1 guaranteed food truck coming, but I think have a 2nd one lined up too.

The general feel from the meeting this morning … all of the agency’s are excited that people are coming to the village but nervous because we aren’t really set up for it… so they have asked me to reiterate…. plan ahead… there aren’t bathrooms readily accessible …and they ask that you please try to park at the fairgrounds… obey laws when crossing the roads and things and be safe walking to the park…. and the village itself is fairly small… Don’t expect Albany level of accommodations but the village tends to be very welcoming so I hope you enjoy your time here…Let’s make sure we don’t give anybody any reason to judge us (more than already happens)… pick up garbage after yourself, be polite to people you come in contact with, stuff like that…. if you have any questions let me know


Just got a message from the chief of police…

“Just to let you know I will have 7 regular port o potty’s and one handicap going to be placed in the park on Sunday at 5 pm and will be there until 5p Monday. There will also be food trucks in the east Pulteney square for all of you, in case you get hungry.”

(for you to buy from, not for free I am sure… just to clear that up 🙂 )

-*9768The Community is really coming together to try to help this go as smooth as possible… please do everything you can to show appreciation. Get names of people and after the fact I can help put you in touch after the fact….