What’s Up With Trump’s New Love Affair With Flu Vaccines?

More Military Spending!

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September 29, 2019 — Trump and Oprah finally have something in common – both have recently fallen in love with flu vaccines. Read my first report on Trump’s 5-year flu vaccine task force here.

Trump’s new love affair with flu vaccines is simply an extension of his on-going romance with the military industrial complex. The main thrust of his recent Executive Order (EO) – which will begin a 5-year task force to develop the “next generation” of flu vaccine – is entirely packaged from a military angle.

The word “pandemic” appears 18 times in the EO, the words “national security” are in the title, and it is made clear the military will be intimately involved in the entire process. The Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense (DOD), the National Security Council (NSC) and the secretive Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) will all be a part of this flu vaccine task force.

So it is a military project from top to bottom.

I am sure this was sold to Trump as a high priority for “national security” and if he did not authorize this endeavor he would look “weak” when it came to securing the public health. We all know Trump despises any perception of weakness. So Big Pharma found a work-around to convince Trump to authorize some good-ol’ tax-payer funded government cooperation with the military because Trump loves military spending (even by his own admission).

Trump would never be the one to get on board with something like “Healthy People 2020” that involves Democrat goals of mandating the CDC’s adult vaccination schedule for all Americans. That is not Trump’s bag especially since it dances way to close to Obamacare which – as John Gilmore pointed out in a recent report – has allowed Big Pharma to get away with just about whatever they want.

But preparing for a flu pandemic that threatens national security? Oh yeah, that’s talking Trump’s language. It lines up with his principals and beliefs quite well. I do not give a pass to Trump for this; he should be held accountable for his decisions and actions, and I do not believe the millions – or billions – of tax dollars that will be pumped into this research are going to make America any safer than we are now. In fact I believe it could make us far less safe as a flu pandemic would be very good and very profitable for the biotech industry that will inject (and possibly spray) Americans with whatever new vaccine products they develop. They will swear it is 100% safe without any testing whatsoever, and if BARDA declares the given product a “countermeasure” it will be indemnified from any and all litigation.

None of that will make America safe or “great.”

Big Pharma is nimble and crafty, and time is on their side. An alleged flu pandemic may be the first necessary step to usher in a new era of forced adult vaccination. We see in New York there was an alleged measles outbreak in which we currently do not know if it was an outbreak of wild measles or a vaccine strain that caused the “outbreak.” Data is easily manipulated or hidden as the need may be, and agendas move forward rapidly. In New York it was that alleged measles outbreak which was used as the pretext to revoke the religious exemption to vaccination.

Right now it would seem to most that forced vaccination of adults is so un-American it couldn’t possibly become the law-of-the-land. However before 9/11 I never would have imagined a surveillance society in America that monitored and tracked my every move. Here we are 18 years later and that “catastrophic and catalyzing event” is the reason why cameras, microchips and metadata track all of us in society while the technology on us and in our homes spies on us. An alleged flu pandemic would be a better “catastrophic and catalyzing event” for Big Pharma than 9/11 was for the surveillance state.

After I published Trump Orders Massive 5-Year Flu Vaccine Task Force someone on Twitter commented that Trump’s EO looked like it was ghostwritten by Big Pharma itself. It certainly was, but you can’t leave out their co-authors in the Military Industrial Complex who appear to be the alpha-dog in the task force.


(Ironically, it seems Trump never got flu shots for himself. He just wants the rest of the country to get them now – President Donald Trump has never had the flu shot… and never got the flu, either – coincidence?)

3 thoughts on “What’s Up With Trump’s New Love Affair With Flu Vaccines?

  1. Wonder if he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse ? Deep Stat is gung ho about reducing the number of “useless eaters” . How so many go along w/o question is beyond me…


    1. That’s not impossible but I believe, as I argue in the above report, that packaging this vaccine development around national security lines up perfectly with Trump’s love for military spending.


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