The Hepatitis-B Vaccination

Injecting Zero-Day-Old Babies

Above photo from Age of Autism article on the tragic story of Ian Gromowski

October 1, 2019 — The Hepatitis-B vaccine was originally marketed to homosexual men. In fact the antigen for the first Hep-B vaccine was derived from IV drug users and homosexual men. This infection can spread through blood-to-blood contact, making it prevalent in IV drug users, homosexual men and heterosexuals who engage in promiscuous sex. Throughout the 1980’s the vaccine was relatively “unsuccessful” as it was not getting injected into enough adults rapidly enough to make a large profit.

But after a media propaganda whirlwind in 1990 the CDC approved the Hep-B vaccine for use in newborn babies by 1991. Even though the relative risk for newborn babies to be exposed to Hep-B was near zero, this recommendation was adopted and became the very first vaccine children receive in America, and remains so till this day. When a baby is born in a hospital it is standard procedure to inject two jabs in either thigh – one of the vitamin K shot and one of the Hep-B vaccine. This often happens before the mother is allowed to even touch her baby.

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a pediatrician who graduated from NYU Medical School in the 1980’s and currently has a medical practice on Long Island, NY. When he first graduated from medical school he administered vaccines to children regularly and believed, as he was told in medical school, vaccines were safe and effective. He had no reason to believe otherwise.

But in 1991 when the Hep-B vaccine was recommended for zero-day-old babies, Dr. Palevsky knew this infection was only transmitted through IV drug use and sexual contact. This was the first time he was ever given a reason to suspect something besides the well-being of children might be behind the vaccination schedule. That is when his journey began. Today, Dr Palevsky no longer vaccinates children.

Watch Dr. Palevsky state how he came to question the safety of vaccines:

“The science is not there to really state that vaccines are truly safe.”

Read “What is the History of Hepatitis B Vaccine Use in America?” from for more details on how the Hep-B vaccine became the first vaccine American babies get at zero-days-old.