WBAI Community Radio Station Ransacked in New York City

Just Two Weeks Before Harlem Vaccine ForumMajor Promotional Loss

October 11, 2019 — Just 4 days after we began promoting the Harlem Vaccine Forum at this blog, the left-wing WBAI 99.5 fm radio station was shutdown by its national parent network Pacifica.

Why is that significant?

For the Harlem Vaccine Forum it is significant because WBAI is the only left-wing radio station in all of New York that has programming supporting the Health Freedom Movement and Vaccine Choice, making it one of the few media outlets in NYC that would have promoted the event. The number one WBAI radio broadcaster who regularly promotes the truth about vaccines is Dr. Gary Null, who has been broadcasting on WBAI NY for over 45 years. I interviewed Null by phone on the evening of October 10th. Null is also the founder of the Progressive Radio Network.

Back in 2015 Pacifica’s KPFK station banned Gary Null from being interviewed by Bonnie Faukner on her show “Guns & Butter” about the corruption of Dr. Richard Pan and other California state politicians regarding mandatory vaccination laws. This was right before the critical vote that ended up repealing California’s personal belief exemption to vaccination. It stuck out to me that Null was banned and silenced before that critical moment in California by KPFK, and now his voice will not be on New York airwaves to promote the critical Harlem Vaccine Forum on WBAI.

Reverend Al Sharpton, head of the National Action Network, was recently added as a keynote speaker at the Harlem Vaccine Forum which is scheduled for Saturday, October 19th. His National Action Network has sponsored these events since as early as 2010, but Sharpton has never directly put his name to the event, let alone came on as a keynote speaker. This may be a very big deal as Sharpton’s words and actions have the ability to resonate far throughout the Black Community, especially in New York City.

Dr. Null will also be speaking at the Harlem Vaccine Forum, and when I asked him about the significance of Sharpton being a keynote speaker he clearly warned that we need to wait and see exactly what he has to say about vaccines before “praising” him for putting his name on the event and showing up to speak. He reminded me Sharpton is a stalwart of the Democratic Party; the party that now wants to mandate injecting people with any-and-every-thing Big Pharma can get into us and our kids.

“The Tuskegee experiment has continued, but now it’s happening to the children,” Null said, referring to the disproportionate damage vaccination is having on African American children. The experiments in Tuskegee were where African Americans were injected with syphilis without informed consent and purposefully not treated for the disease they were given. President Bill Clinton apologized on behalf of the United States Government decades later. “But now we have Dr. William Thompson from the CDC,” Null reminded me.

Thompson is of course the CDC whistle blower who revealed there was a 340% increase in incidents of Autism in African American boys when they were given the MMR vaccine at 18 months of age. That data was illegally hidden and destroyed by the CDC, and was first brought to light in the documentary movie VAXXED. “Every Black community leader, member of the congressional Black caucus, Black journalist, preachers and more should’ve been outraged by this fact! But they weren’t.”

I asked Gary if he believed the timing of the shutdown of WBAI had anything to do with preventing the Harlem Vaccine Forum from being promoted over their airwaves.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with that,” said Null. “I know it doesn’t.”

Dr. Null went on to detail exactly what he sees as the Pacifica National Board’s plan to take down WBAI in New York to benefit KPFK in California. Null also said he believes the manner in which Pacifica is currently attacking WBAI is illegal, and he believes that can be proven. WBAI studios in Brooklyn, NY were broken into and torn apart.

“How did they (Pacifica) know all the inner office passwords to get all-access to the WBAI studio?” Null believes they must’ve had an insider in New York working in conjunction with the KPFK element of the Pacifica board. He also claims to know who that individual is, but would not reveal their name. (I will be publishing another report of my full interview with Gary Null that goes in depth on what is happening between Pacifica and WBAI).

There is no question that WBAI was going to be promoting the Harlem Vaccine Forum all week long leading up to the October 19th event. At the very least, the station’s #1 Health Freedom broadcaster Dr. Gary Null was certain to start promoting the event every weekday at 12 noon when his show airs.

The Amsterdam News – New York’s premiere newspaper covering all issues that impact the African American community – has been promoting the Harlem Vaccine Forum since September. They published a piece by the brilliant Mary Holland Esq. to help raise awareness about this important event even before Al Sharpton was named as a keynote speaker. Many of the Amsterdam News reporters and publishers work(ed) at WBAI or have close ties with producers, journalists and activists at the radio station. News of Sharpton becoming a keynote speaker was certain to be picked up and promoted on the airwaves of WBAI. Such promotion over the airwaves of WBAI assures hundreds to thousands of people will attend an event that has prominent speakers like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Al Sharpton and Dr. Gary Null. I know this to be true as I have organized events back in the early 2000’s where WBAI promoted them on air.

But now the Pacifica Network has fired everyone at the local WBAI station abruptly, and there will be no on-air promotion of the Harlem Vaccine Forum. Instead Pacifica is pumping in national syndicated programming that has nothing to do with what is going on locally in New York City communities. WBAI is currently suing the Pacifica Network over this, but even if they win there will be no way to go back in time and re-promote the Harlem Vaccine Forum.

I am not saying the main and only reason Pacifica hijacked the local WBAI radio station was to avoid promoting the Harlem Vaccine Forum. Not at all. There are multiple motives being worked here and the main ones are money and power. NY1 recently interviewed Dr. Gary Null about the closing of WBAI and reported the following:

Reached by phone, health guru Gary Null, who has probably raised more money for WBAI than any one person in its history, says he believes the Pacifica Foundation is setting up the station for a sale, and the license alone could yield more than $50 million. Null went on to say that, historically, the problem has been that the Pacifica Foundation has chosen ideology over competency when it picked the WBAI management team.

Dr. Null told me he believes the plan at Pacifica right now is to “bleed WBAI dry” by using any combination of 3 options – (1) reprogram WBAI, (2) swap the powerful 99.5 signal for a much weaker station lower on the dial, and/or (3) sell the station’s license.

This is the outline of the power-play that is at work in the politics of the station and its national board, but I believe someone of power at the Pacifica National Board timed this abrupt, likely-illegal shutdown to coincide with stopping the promotion of the Harlem Vaccine Forum; just an added bonus to the Liberal Elites who completely loathe the idea of free speech on the topic of Health Freedom.


Read about the abrupt closing of WBAI here: http://amsterdamnews.com/news/2019/oct/10/wbai-closed-down/