Congressman Bill Posey Takes on Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Censorship of Discussion of Vaccine Risk —

October 25, 2019 — Congressman Posey is a national hero and a brave American politician. The smears and slander are all over the MSM after he rightfully challenged Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s stance on censoring Health Freedom content on their platform.

Let us remember who Posey is.

He is the *only* Congressperson who has stood up on the House floor to discuss the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. Posey has all of Thompson’s documents revealing that the CDC had knowledge that there is a link between the MMR vaccine administered to children at 18 months of age and an increased risk of Autism. The risk includes a 340% increase in African American boys. Dr. Thompson stated that the CDC destroyed all of their documents of these vaccine safety studies, and Thompson had the only remaining copies which he provided to Congressman Posey. Dr. Thompson still works for the CDC till this very day, under whistleblower status.

Back in February I wrote a letter to the Justice Democrats – who had yet to take a public stance on vaccination – telling them they should make an alliance with Posey on seeking true & fair information to implement the correct policies on vaccination.

Damn near crickets from the “Justice” Democrats.

God bless Congressman Posey and all who support him and what he is doing for the issues of Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice. I do not support all of Posey’s positions on all issues, but on matters relating to vaccination I support him and his work 100%! This is a re-post of James Lyons Weiler’s blog which published the transcript of Posey’s exchange with Zuckerberg and linked to video of it as well. Click on the link below to see Weiler’s entire blog post.Fed Up Dem

Congressman Posey: Thank you madam chair and ranking member McHenry for holding this very informative hearing For many of us Facebook is the reality in our business and our personal lives. 771 more words

Congressman Bill Posey Takes on Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Censorship of Discussion of Vaccine Risk —