NY Republican Wants Religious Exemption to Vaccination Back!

Albany Republican in Assembly Sponsors Bill to Bring Back Religious Exemption to Vaccination!

October 25, 2019 — Republican Assemblyman David DiPietro (East Aurora) wants the Religious Exemption to Vaccination reinstated into New York law, and has introduced a bill to do just that. With this move, the Republicans have officially made the Religious Exemption (RE) to Vaccination a hot political issue for the 2020 elections in the New York Assembly and possibly the Senate (where it matters even more).

This is a direct result of all the noise Health Freedom Advocates have been making in New York since June 13th when the RE was repealed. The Republicans supported keeping the RE but did not go out and stump for us. We had to do all the leg work to get, or keep, every Republican vote. The continued activism and pressure from all who are fighting for their kids is, in my opinion, the critical element that has now led to a Republican feeling empowered to sponsor a bill calling for the RE to be reinstated.

I want to remind everyone there were Democrats in the Assembly who supported us, and those Dems should be supported in their reelection bids in 2020. Elections are coming up for all of the Assembly and Senate positions in Albany, NY. We need to keep the noise going and make it much louder! Below is the announcement that was sent out today by John Gilmore with an action alert every New Yorker should respond to:

NY Take Action: Assemblymember DiPietro introduces bill restoring religious exemption

from John Gilmore

New York Assemblymember David DiPietro (R-East Aurora) has introduced a bill that would restore the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school in New York. Assembly bill A8676 simply restores the language in New York Public Health Law Section 2164 that was repealed last June 13. If passed the bill would restore the legal basis for 26,000 children to return to school.

Please click on the link below which should appear in the upper right of this message to send an email to your Assemblymember asking him or her to sign on to DiPietro’s bill as a co-sponsor or multi-sponsor.


Please give Asm. DiPietro’s office a call and thank him for his refusal to submit to a gross injustice.

(716) 655-095

Please call your Assemblymember and ask him or her politely to sign on to DiPietro’s bill as a co-sponsor or multi-sponsor.

Read the bill here: https://nyassembly.gov/leg/?bn=A08676&term=2019…

DiPietro is a Republican, which is in the minority party in the Assembly. Bills from minority parties rarely become law, but it does happen. Moreover, Di Pietro’s simple statement calling for the legislature to make amends for this horrible stain on both them and the State of New York, and end this travesty, is bold, necessary and worthy of our support. This bill bears witness to the gross injustice committed by Governor Cuomo and the majority in the legislature.

DiPietro’s justification contained in the Memo prepared to explain the bill is brief, direct and eloquent.

“The elimination of religious exemptions in regard to vaccinations is unconstitutional. Eliminating religious exemptions goes directly against the separation of Church and State. It is important that we uphold the religious freedoms for the citizens of this state.”  Please share this message with friends and family, and please post on social media while we still can

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