Attention Suffolk County, NY

Rita Palma Endorses John M. Kennedy Jr. for County Executive

October 28, 2019 — From Rita Palma’s Facebook page:

LISTEN UP SUFFOLK COUNTY! Wondering who to vote for this Election Day, November 5th? For County Executive, the absolute best choice for the issue of PARENTAL RESPECT is John M. Kennedy Jr.

I enthusiastically support him, encourage you, family and friends to get out to the polls for him and persuade others to do the same. (Early voting started Saturday)

Statement from John:

“Parents need to be able to parent without government interference. Children are not exactly the same, they are not from cookie cutters and the government should not be treating them as such. There is nothing more important to a parent than the health and well being of their children and to strip the rights of parents to make decisions that affect their well being is not acceptable.” – John M. Kennedy, Jr.

The above statement speaks to our hearts and honors the most important job in our life. While his opponent is starting his journey to understand the issue, John has arrived. As a County Executive, he cannot vote on state bills, but John will be a powerful influence center for us nonetheless. He CAN help us change the conversation.

SO LET’S HELP HIM! Get to the polls, encourage family, friends and others who are like-minded to do the same. Reach out to others who value the role of the parent and respect family. Pick up a lawn sign- I stopped by and was very HONEST about my issue & was WELCOMED by volunteers.

Campaign office is:
558 Portion Road, Ronkonkoma

PLEASE stop by, grab a sign, take a brochure & BE CLEAR as to why you are supporting him- this is a chance to show we are a coherent voting influence on an election. If we all VOTE and vote for John, we could make all the difference in a tight race.

If you have an questions about him, PM me.

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