The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive

The ID2020 Alliance:

November 1, 2019 — This article is a MUST READ. It ties into a piece I wrote called Universal Digital Identity. The ID2020 Alliance is forming to tag every human on the planet like cattle. For everyone who thinks the vaccine battle is just about whether or not our kids are allowed to attend the indoctrination camps of public school, here is just one of the strikingly frightening quotes from this article:

And just in the last weeks, without publicity, the European Commission have published a document designed to lead to a vaccine ID being attached to the European passport by 2022 [8]. What is perhaps most alarming about this is that none of it has come into place with any democratic mandate at all: Obama’s manoeuvres were entirely executive, no one elected the European Commission and there has been no popular demand for such measures, in Italy one government was voted out having brought in mandates in the preceding months and another voted in committed to repealing them, and reneged on its promise. Where did it come from? (emphasis added)

As everyone compares what is happening to Orwell’s “1984“, the truth is we are actually headed to Ira Levin’s “This Perfect Day.” If you haven’t read that Dystopian classic, you need to.

Thank you to Age of Autism for publishing this. Read the full article by John Stone at the following link:

***Point of interest: when I first published this post it received only a few hundred views. When I began to tweet my surprise about how little interest there was in this profound story, I received a reply saying the image of the “all seeing eye” spying on the entire globe made them think this was a “conspiracy theory” post, and all the stigma that comes with it. However that logo was the original U.S. Government logo for DARPA’s Total Information Awareness (TIA) Office announced over a decade ago whose mandate was to spy on any-and-everyone. The outcry against the agency was so great they pulled it. The agency was going to be headed by convicted criminal John Poindexter of Iran Contra infamy. I think most people are unaware of just how bad of a situation we currently find ourselves to be in.

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