HPV Vaccine Event on Long Island is NOT CANCELLED !!!

Dorit Reiss Wants to Stop People From Coming!

November 11, 2019 — Dorit Reiss & “March for Science” are lying on social media to stop people from coming to a critical Vaccine Choice educational event. The above screenshot was posted online to fool people into not showing up to the event.

The event is STILL ON! Tickets can be purchased at the following link:


Special guests:

Dr Lawrence Palevsky, MD

Eileen Iorio, Co-author The HPV Vaccine on Trial

Rita Palma, Children’s Health Defense- NY Chapter/NYAVR

John Gilmore, Autism Action Network/NYAVR

“March for Science” is making the false claim that this event is cancelled. It is not. Please support this event, which will educate hundreds of New Yorkers on the dangers of the HPV vaccine and how to stop it from becoming mandatory for our children.

This is a clear sign that what we are doing is working. They didn’t do this to the events that happened at the Hilton to educate New Yorkers about how to stop the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. New Yorkers have a real chance at stopping mandatory HPV, but only if we show up and fight! Please come. Please promote this event. Please tell everyone you know; even parents who vaccinate their children often do not give the HPV vaccine.