Media Blackout For Vax Injured Disabled Child’s Court Victory

“There’s Something Really Wrong Here”

November 15, 2019 — Ameer’s court case was a national story, until he won.

The court has granted a temporary restraining order that has placed the disabled boy back in school and the media has been completely silent that this happened. Ameer is a disabled vaccine injured child whose doctor granted him a valid medical exemption to vaccination, however the Department of Health (DOH) said the exemption was invalid so he was kicked out of school

Ameer’s parents sued the school, but the school didn’t show up!

In New York the law is clear that a medical exemption can be written by a doctor, and the doctor is the only person empowered with granting such an exemption. That exemption is then given to the school, and that is supposed to be the end of the process. However after the New York Democrats and Governor Cuomo repealed the religious exemption to vaccination, Cuomo directed his health officials to make it far more difficult to obtain a medical exemption to vaccination. He did this assuming that those who formerly had religious exemptions would make attempts to get medical exemptions (that’s a whole other story we will address at another time…)

Ameer was a fully vaccinated child, but after he had an adverse reaction to his last DTaP, his life-long neurologist wrote a valid medical exemption for him. When that was presented to the school they forwarded it to the DOH which was the agency that then denied the exemption. The DOH said it is the school’s decision, but New York schools *never* go against a DOH recommendation.

So Ameer’s parents sued the school. The school did not show up to court, and Ameer’s father, Ali Hamedi, believes the school wanted Ameer back but was too intimidated by the State and the DOH to make that decision on their own – they needed the court to order it.

As it was becoming clear that Ameer had an open and shut, slam dunk case, the judge ordered that the doctor who granted the medical exemption to vaccination sign an affidavit stating the signature on the medical exemption was actually his signature. This is an extremely bizarre request. Del Bigtree and ICAN were recording Ali Hamedi and his family throughout the court process, but at this point they decided to cut the cameras as it appeared it may have a negative impact on the court’s decision.

Ali called Ameer’s neurologist asking him to sign the affidavit and the doctor – so confused by the request – said no. Ali does not hold anything against the doctor, as it is highly likely any doctor would say no to such a bizarre request. Ali was heartbroken, however it was not long after this happened that Ali’s lawyer, Aaron Siri, received an email from the doctor with the signed affidavit attached. Now there was no reason for the court to deny Ameer access to school, and thus, Ameer is back in school today.

You can listen to Ali Hamedi recount what happened here:

After Ali was interviewed, Del Bigtree went in front of his own camera and stated the following:

I will tell you my experience today and watching how the courts were dealing with this issue; and watching the hoops having to be jumped through lawyers don’t normally see in any other case in the world. Doctor’s being forced to sign a signature to their own signature. This is just a bizarre world we are living in right now. And it’s extremely distressing that in every department of our government…nothing is acting or working the way it’s supposed to work. This is not how our system is designed. This vaccine issue is putting everything on tilt. There’s something really wrong here.

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