Even Associated Press Black’s Out Ameer Vaccine Victory in NY

November 16, 2019 — The Associated Press ran the ICAN press release on November 13, 2019, through the paid PR Newswire service. The report stated that a New York court granted a temporary restraining order allowing a disabled, vaccine injured boy named Ameer back into school. Read extensive details of the court’s decision and what transpired at the following reports:

Disabled Vaccine Injured 9 Year Old Boy Back In School, and

Media Blackout For Vax Injured Disabled Child’s Court Victory

However the Associated Press (AP) did not run any reporting of their own on these facts. This is odd considering that the AP has been reporting on the Ameer case since it made national news last month.

How does the AP not realize that this is historic news of a court order by a sitting New York judge? It looks really bad upon their credibility to completely ignore a ruling in a case that garnered national media attention especially when AP had been covering the story! Every MSM outlet in the country, and on the planet, has ignored it, even the Associated Press; the oldest news organization in the United States of America;

The media blackout on Ameer winning in court and being allowed back into school in New York is fascinating, frightening and alarming. A vein in the beast was sliced with this recent victory – not quite an artery, but a vein – and the beast is temporarily hiding its wound as it plots it’s next move against the populace.

The elites are very angry that Ameer is back in school.