MSM Finally Covers Ameer’s Vaccine Victory in Buffalo, NY

November 20, 2019 — Ameer was court ordered to return to school on November 12th, which we reported here at the Fed Up Democrat that evening. The Mainstream Media (MSM) was completely silent. Even the wire services published nothing. Seven days later a local ABC affiliate in Buffalo, NY ran a short story stating that Ameer was allowed back into school with a valid medical exemption to vaccination after the judge in his case granted a temporary restraining order.

First I want to note how important it is to have local news media that are actually located in the cities and towns they cover. Today the only time we see real, important MSM coverage of the most critical issues is when it comes from local network affiliates and those stories rarely get picked up nationally or syndicated. A perfect example of this is the Bronx boy who was illegally vaccinated with the HPV vaccine by a nurse in a Bronx, NY school without parental consent or knowledge. That was reported by BRONX12 News and no other MSM outlet.

Secondly I want to further emphasize that even though WKBW in Buffalo, NY has covered Ameer’s victory still not one other mainstream news outlet has picked up the story. Ameer’s case made national news headlines, but once he wins the media is silent. It should be noted WKBW got some major facts of Ameer’s case wrong. They called Ameer “unvaccinated” when he has only missed 1 DTaP shot due to his current medical exemption. However sloppy coverage is better than no coverage at all. Nowadays we gotta take what we can get…