Pharma Shills on Twitter “Mass Block” Health Freedom Activists

November 22, 2019 — The phenomenal Eileen Iorio, author of “The HPV Vaccine on Trial” was being attacked on Twitter by Tom Barrett who is the senior officer in Ireland’s National Immunization Office. Iorio tweeted that she was going to block Barrett because his derogatory comments were outrageous.

When I clicked on Barrett’s Twitter handle I found that I was blocked from viewing his account. This was very strange because I have never once engaged with him. In fact I had never heard of Barrett prior to Eileen Iorio’s recent tweet. I am a New Yorker and have limited knowledge of the politics of Ireland (I got my hands full keeping up with NY corruption).

What Tom Barrett has done is mass block #HealthFreedom & #VaccineChoice advocates on the Twitter platform. This is so strange – why is a Senior National Immunization Officer from Ireland spending time to block “The Fed Up Democrat” from New York?

It’s because Barrett doesn’t want any comments – that are backed up by facts and hard evidence – posted on his tweets by someone like me. I understand Barrett blocking Eileen Iorio; she is an acclaimed author who has contributed to a book that is a death blow to the vax-pushers promoting the HPV vaccine.

But me?

Fed Up Dem???

Even @travelchick321 who has 61 followers was blocked by Tom Barrett.

Precisely how is this happening?

There is a Twitter Block Chain is a Chrome browser extension that allows users to block (all at once) all of the followers of any user. While it’s a scorched-earth tactic, it does make pre-emptive blocking much easier. Tom Barrett was not going through all of these Twitter accounts and individually blocking them.