Tim Kennedy Runs from Father of Disabled Boy Ameer

November 23, 2019 — When Ali Hamideh came to a public event held by New York State Senator Tim Kennedy to discuss why he voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, Kennedy ran out the back door.

Tim Kennedy voted to kick disabled students out of public school on June 13, 2019. Ali Hamideh had to fight in court to get his disabled son Ameer readmitted to school with a valid medical exemption to vaccination. This was a major court victory that high-ranking New York Democrats and the medical industrial complex did not want to see happen. But it did happen.

Kennedy is a coward, plain and simple.

The Senator used to work as an Occupational Therapist. That is someone who works on fine motor skills with disabled children. He used to work with disabled children to help them learn how to improve the use of their bodies. Now he works to kick them out of school. Tim Kennedy is a disgraceful human being and I am not surprised at all that he would sneak out the back door of an event he invited the public to – like the weasel he is – rather than face the father of a vaccine injured disabled child.

Watch Ali Hamideh describe what the almost-encounter with Senator Kennedy was like.


And read my blog post from July 14th on the insincerity, the cowardice and the corruption of Senator Tim Kennedy:

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I keep making this point, but I feel it is absolutely necessary to continue to bring up. There has been no mainstream news coverage of Ameer’s victory in court outside of one extremely tiny report in a local Buffalo ABC affiliate. That small report took a full week to come out, was only 356 words, contained some inaccurate information and was not picked up by any other mainstream news outlet on planet earth. When news of this story first broke in October it was national news, but once Ameer won and was put back into school all you hear is crickets…