Help Me Write Reports Shaming Pharma Shills in Albany!!!

#TeamParentsNY – Fed Up Dem Needs Your Help!

November 26, 2019 — I can’t write reports about every Pharma Shill in Albany – so I need #TeamParentsNY as my coauthors. Help me write a scathing report about your rep who voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination. Did your Albany Rep vote to kick your kids out of all New York Schools? If so please help me to write an article that exposes their bigotry and discrimination against healthy children. The top Pharma shills I want to shame and have yet to do so are:

  • Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
  • Senator Kevin Thomas
  • Senator David Carlucci
  • Senator Liz Krueger
  • Senator Monica Martinez
  • Senator Gustavo Rivera
  • Senator Luis Sepulveda

Do you have information to help me write a shame-report on one of them? On someone else? Here’s how we can do this:

FIRST – Please check to see if I have already written about your Rep by going to this link and scrolling down:

If you see your Reps are there, I have already posted an article about them. Feel free to send me any good information I missed and I will add it in. Remember you have TWO REPS – your State Senator and State Assemblyman. Check for both. If you don’t see an article for one of your Reps, help me to create one by moving to the second step.

SECONDHelp me write an article about your rep if they voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. You start your article with the following opening paragraph:

YOUR REP’s NAME from YOUR TOWN – voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. This resulted in children being kicked out of all public and private schools in New York immediately; including severely disabled children that have extensive educational programs.

THIRDWrite everything you know about your Rep in regards to their shameful vote to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination. If you have past Facebook posts about your Rep you can definitely use that. Tell me if you met with your Rep, if you’ve confronted or protested your Rep, etc… Please also tell me how you believe your rep will vote on upcoming vaccine legislation including FLU, HPV and STD vaccines with no parental knowledge. Write-up as much as you can or as little as you want.

LASTSend me the write-up and I will edit and publish it. If you have a photo of your rep (especially a photo where they don’t look so good) even better! Send it all to me at thefedupdemocrat@ (if you don’t have a photo, no problem, I will find one) *Please make the title of your email the name of your Albany Rep – this will help me to organize and publish your report quickly.

These articles are all being compiled into one place so they can be searched by name. This will be a good resource for opposition to use when they run against your current Rep come election time in 2020.

Election season will be upon us quicker than you think and we need to get rid of all the Big Pharma shills in Albany. I am very thankful and grateful that I know #TeamParentsNY has my back, because I can’t do it without you!

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