HPV Vaccine to Help Pay For VIOXX

Part 2

Eileen Iorio sets the record straight

The HPV Vaccine on Trial

November 27, 2019 — In my recent report on how Merck promoted their HPV vaccine to Wall Street as the cure for their VIOXX courtroom losses I had quoted Robert Kennedy Jr. as follows:

“The Wall St. analysts were saying (Merck) was finished, because (VIOXX) was their biggest product. Merck said no, we’ve got something better. We’ve got a product that is going to be mandated so everyone in the world has to take it, every teenager; and this time we have no liability and we can’t get caught. Within Merck we now have documents from them because we are suing them; they called it “HPV, Help Pay for VIOXX.”

While Kennedy now has internal Merck documents to reference, in 2006 when this was happening in real time it was hardly a secret.

Eileen Iorio is co-author of a must-read book called The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed. In that book the revelation RFK Jr. makes in the above quote is included by simply quoting mainstream financial news reports from 2006:

“Making Gardasil mandatory was not a secret,” says Iorio in a recent message to me. “Merck had engaged legislatures all over the country for that to happen. Governor Rick Perry of Texas was the first one to mandate Gardasil. If people hadn’t spoken up about that and exposed the corruption, every state might have mandated it by now.”

Iorio sent me a CNN Money report from November 22, 2006 titled The Making of Gardasil, which states, “Analysts’ sales projections for (the Gardasil) vaccine range as high as $4 billion a year, assuming that state governments mandate inoculation.” (emphasis added). Just a few months before that CNN Money also reported Merck and the VIOXX Rut which clearly stated Merck was very hopeful that Gardasil was going to make up for their VIOXX losses.

The internal documents that RFK Jr. was quoting from I am sure help to paint a clearer picture of the internal workings, thinking, actions and fraud of the despicable Pharma giant Merck, but all of this and more has been previously revealed in the brilliant book The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed. Iorio’s coauthors include two phenomenal attorneys, Kim Mack Rosenberg J.D. and Mary Holland J.D.

Get this book. Read this book. Get this book for your state representatives and send it to them. Hand it to them when you walk into their office and tell them to oppose mandatory vaccination of our children with the horrendous Gardasil vaccine.

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