Fantastic New Website – THE ARKIVIST

Uncensored Voices and News of Medical Freedom

November 28, 2019 — If you are looking for a Medical Freedom Hub on the internet, is where you need to go:

The Arkivist is doing what I do at The Fed Up Dem, only better. It takes important social media posts that effectively get “lost” in an endless stream of information and saves them to an easily accessible web address. The Arkivist does an even better job at this than I do as it is a real functioning website, not just a blog.

The Arkivist is a beautifully laid out website that is easy to navigate, and brings together the best #VaccineChoice & #MedicalFreedom information on the internet as well as publishing some of their own original content. Recently they posted an excellent article on the HPV Vaccine and Big Pharma’s push to mandate it. If you click on Recent Posts on the homepage it brings you down to the latest original content on the site. If you then scroll down further you will see Short Cuts which bring in important recent live streams from Medical Freedom Activists, and further down is the Around the Web section.

Around the Web provides quick links to the internet’s top Vaccine Choice websites including,,,, and much more. The most recent post for each of these websites are all accessible in one location.

The Arkivist also has an online community that is just starting to take shape. With all the internet censorship that is happening this may one day provide our community with a safe space to communicate and organize as many of us are just waiting for the day Facebook and even Twitter shut down the accounts and groups we currently use to organize

Go to The Arkivist and explore the site; there is more to see than I’ve mentioned in this post. Create an account and join The Arkivist online community.