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Was Andy Wakefield at the Harlem Vaccine Forum?

What Really Happened at The Riverside Church?

What’s the deal with Al Sharpton?

Health Freedom in New York

Trump & Vaccines

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December 2, 2019 — As I spoke to Curtis Cost over the phone I could hear the energy, enthusiasm and excitement in his voice for what is happening with the Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice Movement in New York today. On the heels of the wildly successful Harlem Vaccine Forum, Cost is now planning a debate over the safety and efficacy of vaccines called The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate in Harlem, NY on December 15, 2019. I had a lot to ask Cost and he was very happy to answer all of my questions.

Controversy at the Riverside Church

I attended Cost’s October 19th event The Harlem Vaccine Forum at the Riverside Church and published two reports about it. The first report was only about the controversy at the end where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had his mic cutoff mid sentence and was forced out of the church. At that time I was told that Andrew Wakefield was set to speak after RFK Jr.

“Yes that’s correct. Andy Wakefield and Gary Null were both set to speak by Skype after Kennedy,” said Cost in our phone interview.

Cost explained that the contract they had with the Riverside Church was from 1 to 4pm with an hour to setup before the event and one hour to break down. They had assumed it would be fine to run over into their breakdown time as long as they were out of the church by 5pm – this is customary for events everywhere, including at the Riverside Church. But the church pulled the plug promptly at 4pm in a rude and entirely unprofessional manner. For all the details of how that went down read Controversy at Harlem Vaccine Forum.

“It was clear to me very powerful forces were involved. For them to shut off a mic on a Kennedy like that – somebody very powerful got to them, or several people,” said Cost. It should be noted that the video footage of RFK’s mic being cut has been viewed over 300,000 times on the internet, according to Cost. After the event one of the attorneys working with Cost reached out to the Riverside Church asking them to discuss what had happened; to clear the air and figure out precisely what broke down in their communications.

“Riverside Church said no; they refused to talk with us…Overall I am really shocked. I have never seen this type of response and level of hostility,” said Cost.

Keep in mind Cost and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) were paying customers who had contractually rented the space for the event. Why they would treat a paying customer this way remains unclear and definitely speaks to some form of intentional sabotage. If that is not the case, than why would the church refuse to meet after the fact to clear the air?

Al Sharpton

As many people know Curits Cost was the man who got Al Sharpton to agree to speak at the Harlem Vaccine Forum sharing the stage with RFK Jr. However just days before the forum Al Sharpton cancelled it. Cost has worked with Sharpton shedding light on many important issues over many decades, including the US Naval base in Vieques, Puerto Rico. RFK Jr. and Sharpton were both arrested protesting at the Naval base back in 2001. Cost had organized a protest in NYC demanding Sharpton be let out of prison at that time.

The Harlem Vaccine Forum was originally scheduled to take place at Sharpton’s National Action Network, but the plug was pulled when Sharpton was viciously attacked by the mainstream media. I told Cost when I had first published that Sharpton would be sharing the stage with RFK Jr., conservative friends of mine in media said there was no way Sharpton “would be allowed” to be involved with the event, especially since Sharpton works for MSNBC. Cost said he too has friends in media who said the exact same thing to him from early on.

Cost respects Sharpton and has held forums and events with him and his National Action Network in the past on many issues, including on vaccines. However Sharpton had never put his name and likeness to a vaccine event the way he tried to for the 2019 forum. As the attacks on Sharpton leading up to the event grew, Cost got a call from Sharpton’s office.

“They told me I had exactly 1 hour to come up with 4 doctors who will debate the pro-vaccine side…Well that was really just a way of him saying no; how was I going to find 4 doctors in 1 hour? Keep in mind this was not a debate, it was a forum…The way things happened is not what I was used to,” said Cost.

Nothing like this had ever happened to Cost when working with Sharpton and his organization before. Since the event was at the National Action Network, Cost recognized that Sharpton was “the boss” and would call the shots. The way things went down was very unexpected to Cost.

“I can tell you one thing though, when I read the report put out by ABC news attacking Sharpton it was clear to me they were scared to death over RFK and Sharpton getting together on this issue…This whole thing became far bigger than I imagined it would because of the Sharpton controversy. If they would’ve just let it play out on it’s own it would’ve never been this big. I’ve heard from people in France, Israel, and all over the world who know about this thing!”

Health Freedom New York

“I had taken a break from (vaccine activism) until June 13, 2019,” said Cost. That was the date the religious exemption to vaccination was repealed in New York State. Cost has been a Vaccine Choice activist since at least 1991, when he published the first addition of “Vaccines Are Dangerous.” I asked Cost how the face of the Vaccine Choice Movement has changed since then.

“When I started there was no movement, there was just me. Many thought I was crazy. I knew there was a huge information gap in the African American community. No one else in my community had written such a book but me, and to my knowledge I believe that’s still the case. It was just me going places, giving talks.”

Compared to today:

“I do see a massive coming together of black, white, rich, poor, all coming together on this issue. We had everyone at the Harlem Vaccine Forum; Asians and Latinos as well. They all recognize that informed consent and parental choice are critical. We can all agree on that.”

I asked Cost what he thought about the common criticism thrown at our movement – that it’s just a bunch of entitled rich white women:

“I am not rich, I’m not white and I’m not a woman – you can quote me on that – and I’ve been out there for 30 years doing this. I have been educating the Black community with this information going back to the 1990s.”

Cost has had much success with the so-called ‘Conscious Community,’ which is a diverse group of African Americans who are very mindful of what they eat, what goes into their bodies, and follow different spiritual or religious paths.

“In the Black Community the Conscious community is aware of who I am and they are very grateful to me. It’s the more general market of African Americans who need more help. They are not tuning in to the conscious radio shows or lectures; getting to them is a huge challenge. They have PhD’s in watching Oprah and Beyonce, or they can quote tons of stats on sports. That is the majority of what our people are dealing with so they are not getting this information.”

This is hardly different from what we experience in the White community.

“My job,” Cost continued, “is not finished. Other’s in the Conscious community are doing good work as well. That effort is now joining forces with White people in the Vaccine Choice movement who have the same common ground.”

As I’ve said before I believe this ‘coming together’ is what scares The Powers That Be (TPTB) more than anything, and it may be the only thing that scares them.

Trump & Vaccines

Clearly and without question the Democrats are the #1 enemy of all Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice advocates today; especially Democratic leadership. When Trump was campaigning to be president he stated vaccines can and do cause Autism in some children. He was the first presidential hopeful to ever make such a statement, and he gained tons of support from the Vaccine Choice community because of these comments. However he has not made good on any of his promises to our community, and in fact has gone in the opposite direction. Additionally Trump does not seem to have the best interests of the African American Community in mind (at least in my opinion). I asked Cost what his opinion was of this reality:

“Everyone in this movement, no matter race or background, recognizes that informed consent and parental choice is critical. We can all agree on that. Trump is the better choice, at least at this point in time. Trump was instrumental recently in passing an executive order allowing doctors to refuse to engage in procedures that go against their religious and/or philosophical beliefs. It’s believed this should have a wider impact on all of society, and eventually apply to everyone. Republicans will at least stand for parental choice.”

Cost and I agreed on this most critical fact – we are both single-issue voters. Cost understands that many African American are concerned about housing, police brutality, the economy – all valid and important issues without question. However there is no freedom unless we are free to determine what does and does not go into our bodies – especially what is directly injected into our muscle tissue (and our kids).

“Based on my research,” said Cost, “they are poisoning our kids. The greatest threat to the Black community and the entire populace are these vaccines!”


See Curtis Cost, Del Bigtree, Dr. Larry Palevsky and many others at THE GREAT HARLEM VACCINE DEBATE on December 15, 2019.

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Curtis is an outstanding, critical activist and he needs our support to continue this crucial work. Purchase his book, Vaccines Are Dangerous so he can continue his work as a Health Freedom& Vaccine Choice Advocate.