New Jersey on Path to Medical Tyranny Just Like New York

December 13, 2019 – To all my friends in New Jersey it is all but certain that you will lose the right to not vaccinate your child if you send them to school. If you have about 50 people willing to perform civil disobedience that leads to arrest maybe – maybe – you can turn the tide.

But even that is unlikely to work.

You need to start doing the work New Yorkers have been doing for the past 6 months now – home school planning, activist organizing and – most importantly – political planning to vote out the Democratic majority in New Jersey.

Please come to THE GREAT HARLEM VACCINE DEBATE on Sunday, December 15th, organized by Curtis Cost as it is one of the few efforts that The Powers That Be (TPTB) are clearly afraid of gaining momentum. They are scared to death of African Americans and other minority groups waking up to the dangers of vaccine mandates, something Virstyne Henry calls the “Once black people find out about it it’s over for them” theory.

Below is an article from my friend John Gilmore who sums up the New Jersey situation perfectly:


Democrats fix vote in NJ to assure religious exemption will be repealed

by John Gilmore

December 12, 2019 — If there was any doubt, it can no longer be denied that the dominant group within the Democratic Party of the United States is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the drug industry. Their dependence on pharmaceutical cash, combined with a growing and extremely ugly contempt for religion and religious people, led the New Jersey Senate Health Committee…to eliminate the longstanding right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. New Jersey almost certainly will join California, Maine and New York as states under complete Democratic control that have eliminated a precious human right to appease drug companies.

     The passage was engineered by Senate President Steven Sweeney who in a blatant exercise of power and disregard for any semblance of process, scheduled the vote when two Republicans members, and known “no” votes, were not going to be present, but then, to assure victory for the drug companies, Health Committee Chair Joe Vitale switched out three known Democratic “no” votes and replaced them with safe “yes” votes.

     In New Jersey today, physicians and lobbyist for the vaccine industry were allowed to testify, but ordinary New Jersey citizens, who cannot sign fat checks to Senate President Sweeney and Chairman Vitale, were not allowed to speak. There are no plagues sweeping through New Jersey, there is no outbreak of a minor infection marked by a rash that provided the pretext for the Democrats in New York and California to eliminate religious exemptions.

New Jersey has a greater drug company presence than any other state and is the home state of Merck, the biggest producer of vaccines in the US, and the second largest drug company, and probably the drug company with the highest body count due to the minimum of 60,000 deaths caused by Vioxx.

     This travesty in New Jersey follows the farce in New York last spring when the Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie forced our Assembly Health Committee to re-do a vote on a bill to repeal our religious exemption. The measure lost initially on a 13 to 13 vote, so Heastie ordered a them to vote again, and ordered the junior Democrat on the Committee to change his vote. Just like Sweeney and Vitale, Heastie did this in plain sight, you can watch him do it on video here at 40 minutes:

     After Heastie did his dirty work, the New York Senate didn’t even bother to have a Committee meeting on the bill, just sending it directly to the Senate Chambers for a floor vote behind locked doors.

     The Democratic party is no longer “Liberal.” A “liberal” in the classic use believes in the fundamental human rights of the individual enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Inalienable rights and freedoms given to us by our creator not the state.  The first freedom in the Bill of Rights is the freedom of religion, closely followed by the right to free speech, freedom of the press and the right petition the Government for a redress of grievances. All rights we saw denied by the puppets of the drug companies in Trenton. A liberal believes that limits must be placed on the scope and power of Government otherwise there will be no limit to the power government will take for itself from ordinary people.

     In New York there are still a few liberal Democrats, but they are old men and women who grew up in the fifties and sixties of the last century. In the younger legislators, liberalism has been replaced by a combination of nihilistic careerism, and “progressivism,” at least among those who aren’t overt socialists, with “progressivism” understood as the using government to achieve political goals as determined by an enlightened elite who know what the masses need whether the masses see it that way or not.

     Repeal bills are moving in Connecticut, which also has a Democratic trifecta, and Massachusetts, which is the most Democratic State in America, but oddly almost always has a Republican Governor, so perhaps Gov. Charlie Baker may put the brakes on the pharma shills. We shall see.  

     The New Jersey bill passed sometime ago in the New Jersey Assembly, and will be passed on Senate floor sometime next week. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has already said he will sign the bill if it gets to his desk, which appears to be a sure thing.

     Tonight thousands of families across New Jersey will be wondering, like the refugees from California, Maine and New York before them, where they can go (South Carolina? Texas?)  where they, and not corrupt politicians on drug company payrolls, can make decisions about what is injected into their children’s bodies. Others will be pondering how they can manage homeschooling their children. Some will spend the night staring at the ceiling wondering if an aggrieved spouse will demand compliance with the new law and get it from a judge. Or how they can educate their vaccine-injured children with IEPS. Or whether their already vaccine-injured children will get lucky and not suffer from a couple dozen more shots.

     And while these parents are losing sleep, Merck’s lobbyists, and Sanofi’s and Pfizer’s and Glaxo’s, the influence peddlers for the biggest four drug and vaccine companies in the world, who  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. describes as “serial felons,” having paid more than $35 billion since 2000 in fines, penalties and settlements for a host of crimes, will be congratulating themselves for a job well done,  and delivering the quo for the quid received.