Cenk Uyger Corrupt Pharma Shill

(left) Vaccine injured Marine David Rudnick / (Right) Corrupt Cenk Uyger

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December 19, 2019 — Unless you want national forced vaccination mandates don’t vote Cenk Uyger into Congress. Here are some of Uyger’s quotes regarding where he stands when it comes to vaccination:

“(Trump and the Republicans) just said to all of their very impressionable, idiotic constituents, hey don’t take a bunch of vaccines in a row otherwise your kid will become autistic – that’s not true! … Stop lying to people it’s dangerous!”

Watch Uyger say this for yourself:

Sorry Cenk, you are wrong.

Vaccines can and do cause autism in a subset of children. Don’t believe me; believe the sworn affidavit from Dr. Andrew Zimmerman of Johns Hopkins University. He was the US Government’s top expert witness testifying that vaccines did not cause autism. Today Dr. Zimmerman says vaccines can and do cause autism in a specific subset of children who have a mitochondrial disorder within their cells. When Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers found out Zimmerman had changed his opinion, they abruptly fired him and misrepresented his testimony in the Federal Vaccine Court. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls this “…one of the most consequential frauds arguably in human history.”

Here’s another quote from Uyger:

But for god’s sake get the real information because when you don’t get vaccines you are definitely endangering your kids. So you think you might be endangering them if you are getting (vaccines), but it’s a certainty that you’re endangering them if you’re not getting (vaccines).

It’s odd to me that Uyger believes this because the healthiest children I know have never received a single vaccination.

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds said she first became familiar with Cenk Uyger when his name was coming up in FBI files as a “low level criminally connected parasite” in Turkey. She says from 2004 to 2008 he ran a disinformation campaign against her as she was single-handedly fighting the George W. Bush administration. Listen to Sibel for yourself:

Rumors are circulating in district CA25 that Cenk Uyger jumped into the race to take votes away from David Rudnick who is the original anti-establishment candidate running in the Democratic primary. Uyger cannot be allowed into the halls of Congress. Stop him. Donate to David Rudnick’s campaign for Congress in California – District #CA25. Rudnick is a vaccine injured Marine and is 100% on the side of Vaccine Choice and Health Freedom.

Donate to Rudnick’s campaign HERE