Harlem Vaccine Debate Controversy Continues

Both sides are pissed off!

December 20, 2019 — Pro-vaccine advocates continue to fire shots at the Vaccine Choice advocates they just debated on December 15th. Thousands of people continue to watch the controversy unfold on internet interviews of participants in The Great Harlem Vaccine Debate. Health Freedom Advocate Virstyne Henry and Parent Activist Danielle Gail were interviewed by Saneter. The two women are pictured above and the interviews of them can be found at the end of this report.

The “Amen Ra Squad,” which argued the pro-vaccine side of the debate headed by Ankh Imhotep and Asar Imhotep, has been vocally upset about the way the debate transpired. Many comments have been flying, especially from Ankh Imhotep. The Amen Ra Squad felt they were “set-up” in the debate and treated unfairly.

I was at the debate and I do not believe anyone was treated unfairly. There were many more Vaccine Choice & Health Freedom folk in the audience at the debate than there were pro-vaccine supporters; that is true. But as Virstyne Henry says in the below linked Youtube interview with Saneter, whose fault was that?!? They didn’t bring their people – we did!

Parent advocate Danielle Gail was asked by Saneter what she had heard after the debate that “pissed her off.” She stated that Ankh Imhotep had been saying, “We won we won we won!” like a child who had actually just lost. That was not to say either side was victorious because the goal wasn’t winning or losing, but rather to exchange information.

When Virstyne Henry was asked what “pissed her off” she was most upset with those who racialized the debate claiming black people don’t have the luxury of saying there are government and medical conspiracies against them. She also stated that after the debate there was one member from the pro-vaccine side who told her he had never heard many of the facts presented by the Vaccine Choice debaters, and he planned to look into them further.

“That must have been Asar,” said Saneter.

I agree, it must have been. Asar Imhotep was by far the most impressive debater on the pro-vaccine side of the debate, and I quote and paraphrase him at length in my reporting. Asar seemed to be the most open-minded individual on the pro-vaccine panel.

Watch the interviews with Saneter below (two of them).

And make sure to read my ongoing coverage of the debate at the following links. There was too much information to cover in one report, so I am breaking it up into a series based off of the 4 questions that were debated:

Question 1 – Are Vaccines Safe?

Question 2 – Are vaccines effective? (report coming soon)

Question 3 – Can you raise a healthy child without vaccines? (report still to come)

Question 4 – Who should decide if a child is vaccinated, parents or the government? (report still to come)


Saneter Interviews:

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Danielle Gail is part of The Family Freedom Alliance, which you can follow and join at www.familyfreedomalliance.org