Queens Residents Blast Senator Liu for Vaccine Laws

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!

December 26, 2019 — State Senator John Liu is poised to vote YES to bill S3899a that would allow New York children to be vaccinated for any sexually transmitted disease (including HPV) in school without parental knowledge or consent. That bill will also allow preventative drug treatment of STDs for children without parents knowing – including PrEP for HIV/AIDS. Constituents in Queens confronted Senator Liu on December 5th in front of his Bayside office. The exchange was broadcast by BaysideLiveTV.com which has been viewed on Facebook over 8,000 times at the following link:

When asked if he would want to know if his own children had a medical procedure performed on them Liu said,

“Well I certainly would want to know what is happening with my own kids. But I also do, I am also aware that some things, do, happen to my kids that I don’t necessarily know everything about, and I don’t know exactly what kinds of…

At this point Senator Liu looked down into the eyes of a very young girl in front of him and said,

Well, does your mom know every single thing about you?”

So he wants to know what’s happening to his own kids, but maybe he might not know what’s happening with his kids, so maybe it’s ok if the state does things to his kids that he doesn’t know about…or something like that. Basically Liu is saying whatever Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins tell him to do, he’s going to do it.

A mother responded to Liu, “If (my kids) are getting medical care, medical treatment at school, don’t you think I should know about it before it happens?”

“I think we should know,” responded liu, “but I’m also not sure that the bill is as simple as what you bring it out to be.”

It is that simple.

The bill will allow “treatments” alleged to prevent STD’s to be given to children without parental knowledge or consent. Based on Liu’s statements he should vote NO to this bill if he has any conviction regarding his own beliefs. Unfortunately his short track-record as a state Senator shows he has little to no true conviction of belief; he will follow the party-line whatever it is. When asked who should have ultimate authority over children, parents or the state, Liu responded:

“Parents should have the ultimate responsibility, however…the state also has the business of protecting parents, and doing what parents generally want. And I understand your opinions – let me get a word in here – I understand you have very strong opinions and I respect that, about the vaccine issue; it is the minority opinion.”

Interesting choice of words: so parents will have the responsibility of taking care of their child if the child experiences adverse reactions from the vaccines or drugs the state gave the child behind the parents’ back. However the ultimate authority over children will be the state, not the parent, according to Liu’s cryptic language.

“And now because we are a minority you are going to go behind our backs and do it anyway,” responded one mother.

“Nobody went behind anybody’s back,” said Liu.

When Liu voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination he told constituents he “hadn’t made a decision” on how he was going to vote all the way up until 2 hours before he voted on June 13, 2019. I can understand why some constituents felt he “went behind their backs” when his vote was done in this fashion.

Constituents met with Senator Liu about the religious exemption to vaccination as early as February 21, 2019, when the freshman Senator was meeting constituents in public libraries while he stated his office was ‘under construction.’ At that meeting constituents who choose to not vaccinate themselves or their children due to religious beliefs were identified as a minority group. By the end of the meeting Liu stated, “You are a minority group. In America we protect minority groups.”

I guess we don’t protect minority groups in America any longer.

During the December 5th confrontation in front of Senator Liu’s office, Liu danced around the issue of whether he would take away parents’ rights to determine medical procedures performed on their children. He said he couldn’t answer constituents “single sentence questions” because the issues were more complex than that. But they gave him the legislation, and asked for his opinion on it which he would not give.

Read the bill John – have an opinion and state it. Stop being gutless!

This wasn’t the first time John Liu was confronted about children being vaccinated with the HPV vaccine and other vaccination laws. Bonnie Skala Kiladitis, whose children were kicked out of school when John Liu voted YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, has been confronting Liu in public as often as she can. Last month she confronted the Senator and it was covered by the Queens Chronicle, which quoted her as follows:

“My child hasn’t been in school in weeks, and I do hold you accountable,” (Bonnie) said freely from the audience. “You pretended that you cared about my family, and then you voted against us.”

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  1. Forced vaccination is wrong, plain and simple. How about sex education instead of shooting children up with toxic chemicals that will have life-long chronic effects?


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