Cuomo Vaxxing & Drugging Kids With No Parental Knowledge

Who cares if it’s illegal when King Cuomo can “regulate” it?


Brad Hoylman wants to make this a permanent lawvote him out!


December 31, 2019 — In 2017, Cuomo signed a regulation in New York allowing children to be given “preventative treatments” for STDs without parental knowledge or consent, according to John Gilmore. The list of STDs King Cuomo is allowing children to be preventatively vaccinated and drugged for behind mommy and daddy’s back include:

  • HIV/AIDS (PrEP drugs)
  • HPV (vaccine)
  • HEP-B (vaccine)

…and more is sure to come.

But there is no law that allows for this, only a regulation signed by King Cuomo.

Now you may say, “But if a 16-year-old tests positive for HIV and wants treatment without telling their parents we need to allow that.”

That’s not what this is.

The 2017 regulation allows perfectly healthy, HIV negative children to “consent” to receiving daily doses of PrEP which is alleged to prevent the transmission of HIV, and parents are told nothing. PrEP is admitted to cause kidney damage, liver failure and osteoporosis, and there are lawsuits against the drug manufacturer related to these side effects in court right now.

According to John Gilmore, “New York law (already) allows “treatment” for STDs to be given to minors without parental knowledge or consent and has for more than 40 years, but the law specifically did not include “preventive” measures, which explains the need for S3899a and A973a.”

If bills S3899a in the NY Senate (supported by Brad Hoylman) and A973a in the Assembly are passed they will bring us the law that will make Cuomo’s illegal regulation from 2017 “legal” (retroactively I suppose).

So King Cuomo needs this law, and he needs it ASAP, otherwise all types of bad things might happen to his majesty. If he loses his Democratic super-majority in the 2020 election cycle it wouldn’t be hard to see him on the hook for lawsuits. You may remember in July BRONX-12 News reported an 11-year-old boy was vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Gardasil in school without permission from his parent. It is the 2017 regulation from Cuomo that allowed that to happen, and that 11-year-old boy was certainly not the only case where this occurred. His mother has just been the only one to speak up publicly thus far, and it appears Black and Latino children are the primary targets of this regulation. New York City is moving forward full-steam to vaccinate children with Gardasil behind parents backs. If they get away with this, there will be more secret vaccination in schools; all that’s needed is a “regulation” from King Cuomo!

King Cuomo may believe he – and he alone – is allowed to get rid of parental consent when it comes to medical procedures performed on our children, but he is dead wrong; his 2017 regulation is an illegal act by his royal highness. After all he is only a Governor, not an entire legislature, and not the monarch he behaves as (no matter what he may believe). Now the Olean Times Herald is reporting that Cuomo will make Gardasil mandatory for children to attend school by placing it in the State budget since the legislature seems unwilling to pass such a bill this session.

More mandates from the King!

All hail King Cuomo!!!

Who needs a legislative body unless it does what the King says, right?

As already stated, the 2017 regulation is allowing for vaccines that are alleged to protect against STDs to be given without parental consent, such as the HPV Gardasil and HEP-B vaccines: and let’s not forget vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued if their product injures or kills children.

Should we be giving these medical treatments to children without parents knowing? Sure! What could possibly go wrong?!

Oppose This Legislation – it is dangerous & deadly!

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