Twitter Censors Fed Up Dem Over King Cuomo Tweet

January 1, 2020 – On New Year’s Eve of 2019 Twitter immediately censored a tweet of mine promoting a report titled, “Cuomo Vaxxing & Drugging Kids With No Parental Knowledge.” Eileen Iorio informed me of this when she went to view the tweet and couldn’t – she received the above message stating:

This Tweet may include sensitive content. In order to view it, you’ll need to change your sensitive media selection. You can find this under the Safety section of your Privacy and safety account settings.

What is “sensitive” about my tweet? That it made truthful allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? Here is the tweet that is being censored:

Twitter seems to be fronting for Cuomo and Big Pharma just like Facebook is.

Cuomo recently wrote a public statement telling Facebook to remove “deceptive advertisements” on Facebook that question the safety and efficacy of PrEP drugs, which are alleged to prevent transmission of HIV. He called the ads “unwarranted and unacceptable,” however he never named any specific ads or content. You can read Cuomo’s statement at the governor’s website:

Facebook did remove many of the ads.

Some of those advertisements were for lawsuits against the PrEP drug manufacturer, which are currently being litigated in court. The class-action lawsuits are using ads to find people who took PrEP drugs and suffered specific side effects, many of which are listed on the manufacturers package insert.

This comes right as Cuomo is a huge supporter of passing a law to allow children to be vaccinated and given PrEP at school without parental knowledge or consent. In 2017 Cuomo signed a “regulation” allowing children to receive PrEP at school without parental knowledge or consent. That regulation is illegal, and Cuomo needs a law to validate the insane regulation he, and he alone, was responsible for.

Can we see a conflict of interest here?

Of course Cuomo asked Facebook to take down ads promoting valid lawsuits against PrEP – it could stop the legislation that he wants that will retroactively make his illegal regulation from 2017 “legal.”

Oppose This Legislation – it is dangerous & deadly!

NY Take Action by clicking RIGHT HERE!

The above link will help you write an email to your State Senator, Assemblymember and Governor Cuomo.

Please call King Cuomo’s Royal Court and politely tell the staffer how you feel about him giving HIV drugs to healthy children without parental knowledge.

(518) 474-8390

***If for any reason the above link does not work, find your reps at the below links – call them, email them and send them a snail-mail letter. When you call them tell them you oppose S3899a in the New York Senate and A973a in the Assembly that would allow preventative treatments for STDs for minors without parental knowledge or consent; and that you oppose all new vaccine mandates including FLU & HPV vaccines to attend school.***

Find YOUR Assemblymember here –

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