King Cuomo’s Royal Senate Court

The 10 Democratic Senators Who Cosign Cuomo’s Crimes

January 12, 2019 — King Cuomo has turned the New York Senate Health Committee into a rubber stamp for his criminal regulation to drug and vaccinate children without parental knowledge. There are 10 Democratic Senators who are doing whatever Cuomo wants when it comes to vaccine legislation – all of there pictures, names, phone numbers, emails, websites and twitter info are at the end of this report – contact them all!

Back on May 18, 2019, I published a report titled Democrats Disgraceful Vote detailing how these 10 Democratic Senators in the Health Committee all voted YES to allow children as young as 9-years-old to be vaccinated without parental consent. There were two very important facts I didn’t know at that time, which were;

1 – I didn’t know the bill – S3899a – will also allow for drugging of healthy, HIV-negative children with HIV-PrEP drugs, and,

2 – I didn’t know this was already being done illegally in New York schools under a regulation that King Cuomo signed with his royal pen in 2017.

Make no mistake about this – King Cuomo’s regulation is illegal!

So now he needs this law to cover for the fact that his regulation was clearly illegal by making it “legal” retroactively. Good thing for Cuomo he has 10 morally bankrupt Senators in the Health Committee who have already blindly cosigned his crime by voting YES to cover for it. The bill has not yet passed the entire Senate and its companion bill in the Assembly has not yet made it to the Assembly Health Committee to my knowledge.

Just a few days ago on January 8th, Senate bill # S298b that would make the HPV vaccine mandatory to attend school was referred to the Senate Health Committee. So I am sure the King’s Royal Senate Court of 10 will be mindlessly voting “YES” to this bill as well!

Some people have told me, “Do not compliment Cuomo by calling him a King!”

It is no compliment to call an American Governor a King.

Let’s not forget, this country was founded on complete rejection and visceral hatred of Britain’s King George. The cornerstone of the American Revolution was that America would never allow a king to gain power in our country ever again. Cuomo is signing regulations and forcing through laws in his budget (such as drugging children and bail reform) that bypass the legislative process entirely, completely taking away New Yorkers voices on these matters. I wonder how the colonists of the 1770s would react to this now!

It’s important to note that the Senate Health Committee – and the Senate as a whole body – has fallen into corruption that reminds me of how the Senate of the Roman Empire eventually fell. Since it is under Democratic control effectively all of the Senate Democrats must do whatever his royal highness King Cuomo says (with maybe 3 exceptions). However the Assembly is not quite as far gone in the same fashion. Democratic members of the Assembly have historically been able to stand against King Cuomo successfully. We have at least 16 Democrats in the Assembly who have shown they are pro-Health Freedom when they voted NO to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. I will be posting a report on those 16 Assemblymembers soon, as we need to thank them for being brave, independent, honorable lawmakers.

Below is a list of the 10 Disgraceful Democrats who are nothing but a King Cumo rubber-stamp. Go tell each and everyone exactly how you feel about them:

1. Gustavo Rivera – Phone: 518-455-3395

2. Alessandra Biagi – Phone: 518-455-3595

3. David Carlucci – Phone: 518-455-2991

4. Brad Hoylman – Phone: (518) 455-2451

5. Tod Kaminsky – Phone: 518-455-3401

6. Jen Metzger – Phone: (518) 455-2400

7. Velmanette Montgommery – Phone: (518) 455-3451

8. Julia Salazar – Phone: 518-455-2177,

9. Brian Benjamin – Phone: 518-455-2441

10. Toby Stavisky – Phone: (518) 455-3461 TWITTER – @tobystavisky

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