Democrat Heroes in Albany, NY

Brave Dems Who Voted Against Repealing the Religious Exemption to Vaccination

January 14, 2020 – Not all Albany Dems are enemies to Health & Religious Freedom.

16 Democrats in the Assembly and 3 in the Senate voted against the bill that repealed the religious exemption to vaccination. These Democrats are our friends and allies as we battle the 5 gajillion new bills in Albany to inject our children with an ever-increasing number of vaccines.

The 16 Democratic Assemblymembers who are on our side are:

  1. Thomas Abinanti (pictured above, center)
  2. Charles Barron (pictured above, right)
  3. Rodneyse Bichotte (pictured above, left)
  4. David Weprin
  5. Diana Richardson
  6. Tremaine Wright
  7. William Colton
  8. Steven Cymbrowitz
  9. Simcha Eichenstein
  10. Joseph Lentol
  11. Helene Weinstein
  12. Harvey Epstein
  13. Stacey Pheffer Amato
  14. Harry Bronson
  15. Angelo Santabarbara
  16. Robin Schimminger

(Click on their names to go to their official Assembly webpage)

The 3 Democratic Senators who are on our side are:

  1. Simcha Felder
  2. Pete Harckham
  3. Brian Kavanaugh.

(Click on their names to get to their official Senate webpage)

To find out how everyone in both houses voted go HERE


There were other Democrats who were involved in odd “vote-flipping” such as Nader Sayegh and Richard Gottfried, who voted YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination in the Health Committee, but then NO on the floor. These Dems suck, and may stab us in the back again. We need to continue to apply pressure on them and remember they are not allies of ours.

As for the 19 Dems listed above please contact all or as many of these Democrats as you can and thank them for voting to protect religious and health freedoms in New York.Just click on their names and you will be taken to their official webpages. From their you can email or call them. I wish I could write about each and every one of them in this piece, but I can only cover so much:

Tom Abinanti fought valiantly for us on the floor of the Assembly and is a true Health Freedom Hero! He debated the sponsor of the repeal bill, Jeff Dinowitz, and Abinanti wiped the floor with him in the debate. I covered that at this website back in June in a piece called VACCINATION – THE AFTERMATH. Here is what I wrote about Abinanti at that time:

Assemblyman Tom Abinanti voted NO on this bill in the Health Committee as well as on the floor vote. He debated Assemblyman Dinowitz, the bill’s sponsor, on the floor of the assembly and completely dominated. When referencing the recent measles outbreak in New York Abinanti firmly stated multiple times: “We’ve seen no evidence that anyone with a religious exemption has endangered anyone else” Dinowitz didn’t even try to refute this. He couldn’t. No evidence exists at all! Abinanti also made the important point that in all the schools that were shutdown for having unvaccianted children in them, none of them had any cases of measles!

Charles Barron from Brooklyn fought for us valiantly as well in both the Assembly Health Committee and during the Assembly floor vote. Here is what I wrote about Barron back in June:

Assemblyman Barron – a former member of the Black Panther Party – pulled no punches when he made it very clear that vaccines can, and do, cause injury to some people. He said people will reference studies that say this is not possible, but “you can find a study that will say anything.” He said his evidence of vaccine injury comes from his own lived experience of meeting and talking to people with vaccine injured children.

Rodneyse Bichotte from Brooklyn voted NO in the Health Committee and NO on the floor of the Assembly to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. Here is what I wrote about her back in June:

Assemblywoman Bichotte opposed the bill and said she was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine as a child and got the measles TWICE AFTER THAT! Can someone say #VACCINEFAILURE ?!? Bichotte, who is Haitian American, went on to boldly remind everyone that people had spread misinformation in the 1980’s that HIV/AIDS came from Haiti and Haitians. She was cutoff before she could finish her statement, but it was clear she was drawing a parallel to the ridiculous claims being made about unvaccinated children today.

Watch Bichotte comment after voting NO to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination:

David Weprin – Weprin was one of only two Queens Democrats to vote against repealing the religious exemption to vaccination. He is a man of faith and religious values are a part of his core values as a man and a human being. When speaking to constituents about the religious exemption to vaccination he often said getting rid of any legal religious exemption to anything is a “slippery slope.” Currently Weprin’s office has already arranged to meet with constituents regarding the new round of vaccine legislation we are facing in 2020. Thus far all signals appear to be that he remains in our corner.


***If anyone has good information about any of the other Democrats who support Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice in New York please send it to me at thefedupdemocrat and I will add it to this report.***

If you are on Twitter, below is a tweet I sent with 15 of the 16 Assembly Democrats in this report tagged. Retweet this. Also copy their Twitter handles below and send them THANK YOU TWEETS for being brave and supporting Health Freedom when it wasn’t easy for them to do.

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