Nazi Germany & Injections: Nurses Murdering Children

Is America Falling Into Medical Fascism?


January 25, 2020 – When watching “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich,” I was shocked and devastated by how many parallels there are between Nazi Germany and the medical madness that is currently sweeping America.

#1 – The Nazis firmly believed the “greater good” of the public was more important than the health and good of the individual.

Today the most prominent American Democrats believe the exact same thing. When I emailed and snail-mailed Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and asked what her position was on mandatory vaccination, she never responded in any fashion. However I did eventually get an email from Sandy Menor, the Support Team Director for the Justice Democrats. This is the political organization Cortez belongs to that got her elected. Menor’s response to me was, “We believe all people should be vaccinated unless medically unable to do so. Public health and safety should always be the first concern. The current (New York measles) epidemic is evidence what happens when people ignore the greater good of fellow citizens and the vulnerable.” (emphasis added) Sandy Menor eluded to the notion that medical exemptions to vaccination are acceptable, however it is now nearly impossible to get such exemptions in many states.

#2 – The Nazi doctors and nurses were not allowed to serve the best interests of their patients; they had no choice but to serve the interests of the state.

Today we see this exact same reversal of the Hippocratic Oath where doctors are no longer allowed to write medical exemptions to vaccinations for patients who need them. In California only a state advisory board – that never meets with the child – can decide if a child will receive a medical exemption from state-mandated injections. In New York it is nearly impossible to get a medical exemption written by a doctor and when one is written, the Department of Health is currently advised by Governor Andrew Cuomo to deny virtually all requests. One prominent example of this is Ameer Hamideh, the severely disabled boy from Buffalo, NY, who had a valid medical exemption to vaccination given to him by his neurologist. However the New York Department of Health illegally denied the exemption. Ameer’s family sued the school in court and won. The court system still allows for some crumbs of justice to befall upon the people, on rare occasion, and is one of the few barriers we have to all out Fascism in America.

#3 – The Nazis viewed the disabled as “useless eaters” that should be segregated from society and did not have the same human rights as German citizens.

Today in New York, California, Maine, Mississippi and West Virginia children who are disabled and whose families refuse to inject them with state-mandated vaccinations are segregated and banned from school. In Rockland County, NY in 2019, completely healthy unvaccinated children were banned from all public spaces. In Westchester, NY the local laws have been altered to allow for forced vaccination of adults if the government mandates it otherwise you may lose your job.

#4 – The propaganda of Nazi Germany was so effective it got the entire nation hypnotized to believe “mercy killings” of “useless eaters” were proper and ethical.

The propaganda in America today labeling Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice families as “anti-vaxxers” that are a danger to the public health is 100% false, yet it is effectively hypnotizing most of the nation to believe those who choose not to vaccinate should be banned from public spaces, ridiculed, quarantined, and even forced into reeducation camps and force vaccinated. This is the rhetoric we are seeing on social media, in the mainstream news as well as in state capitols all across the country – especially state capitols controlled by Democrats. Right now in New York there is a bill being considered – bill A99 – that would allow adults to be detained and force vaccinated if the government deemed it necessary.

#5 – We know that America smuggled Nazi scientists into America, as reported by the New York Times citing a 2006 Department of Justice report.

“Project Paperclip” was a CIA covert operation that brought Nazi scientists (and other Nazis) into America not to prosecute them, but to work with them. We know NASA’s rocket program and the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control experiments were both worked on hand-in-hand with Nazi scientists. We also know from psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin there were Nazi scientists brought to America that worked on electroshock therapy on psychiatric patients. I often wonder if any Nazi scientists are connected to the vaccination program. Later in this report I detail Josef Mengele’s experiments injecting twins with “germs, diseases and drugs” quoting Eva Kor, one of Mengele’s unwitting subjects.

#6 – Over a dozen nurses recently interviewed in America say they know the way vaccines are administered to children today is causing many to be disabled and even killed, but very few are listening to them.

In Nazi Germany the doctors issued the majority of the orders, but it was the nurses who actually killed “undesirable” children, most commonly by injecting them with substances that ended their lives. The nurses would often administer the lethal injection and hold the child in their arms while they died. Of course there is a big difference between this and vaccination – the goal of vaccination is not explicitly to kill or disable children, but too often the result is effectively just that. At the end of this report I list links to over a dozen American nurses giving statements on video recounting the damage and death they have witnessed from vaccination of children in contemporary America.


Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich:

Sterilization, Experimentation and Murder

Nazi Germany involuntary sterilized about 400,000 Germans, “euthanized” 200,000 disabled German children and adults, and invented the mass-murder machine of the gas chamber. None of this could have happened without the support of doctors and nurses. 40% of all doctors in Germany joined the Nazi party, while other white collar professions joined in far smaller numbers.

Eugenics is the belief that one race is genetically superior to another, and the lesser people can therefore be killed and sterilized to promote “the greater good” of the society. Eugenics is a false pseudo-science and was the cornerstone of Nazi propaganda and deadly medical campaigns. However the Germans did not invent eugenics, but rather learned of it from American scientists who were the first to promote the pseudo-science, according to Michael A. Grodin, MD featured in the documentary “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich.” Laws on the books in Virginia allowed sterilization of developmentally disabled (formerly called “mentally retarded”) people. “There was a time where there were letters in US journals saying, ‘look at the Nazis they’ve gotten ahead of us (in eugenics) we’ve got to catch up‘,” said Grodin.

The Nazi programs of sterilization and killing required many participants. “Of course it required lawyers, it required doctors, it required bureaucrats, it required administrators; but many of the nurses were the ones who actually carried out the injections…Nurses were the agents of the physicians and the physicians during the Nazi period were agents of the state. That’s very important because physicians were no longer asked to care for patients but to care for the state,” according to Grodin.

Germany’s doctors and nurses embraced the Nazi party except Jewish doctors who were obviously excluded. The official journal of the German Medical Association put the swastika on their journal and got rid of all Jewish authors and doctors very quickly; in 5 to 6 years Jews were out of all academic and professional establishments. After years of Nazi propaganda the German medical establishment began to believe “racial hygiene” was good for the nation. Social Darwinism was embraced by both doctors and nurses for a “healthy thriving society.”

In the 1920’s a book was written with the title roughly translated as “Permitting the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life,” by Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche. This wound up being a great influence on Hitler’s support of so-called “euthanasia” which in actuality was just a mass-murder program. The Nazi mass-murder program first began in 1939 as a way to kill disabled children – those with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cardiac problems etc…were all considered “useless eaters.” The mass-murder program soon moved to adults.

German families were lied to by nurses and told their disabled children would be given the best of care if the families relinquished them to the state. Not long after this the children would be murdered by various means, including poisonous lethal injections. Nurses would give the children overdoses, take them outside into cold weather knowing it would sicken them leading to death, or kill them by other means. Midwives were required to report every child born with a birth defect, and would receive money for each child they reported. No consent was given to take the life of any of these children, yet the children were eventually killed.

Shortly after the killing of children began in Germany, the adult mass-murder program followed in psychiatric hospitals. The justification became that Germany needed these hospital beds for wounded soldiers after the invasion of Poland. Why should the state waste a good hospital bed on an adult worthless eater? The name of the killing team was T4. This was the first use of the gas chambers for mass-murder. The killings were somewhat hidden, but the communities around the death facilities figured out what was going on. Buses with blacked-out windows would arrive, and not too long after there arrival black smoke would be seen bellowing out from the institution when the dead bodies were burned after being gassed. People became knowledgeable of what the “grey buses” were all about. The T4 euthanasia program ended in 1941, but the killing of children continued till the end of the World War II.

How did nurses become involved in these killings? It was a gradual process. First a nurse would be asked to hold a patient while someone else did the injection, so it was easy for the nurse to say, “Well I was not the one doing the killing.” From there it is a shorter step to the nurse giving the injection herself. Senior nurses (some of which were men) would order killings to other nurses. Some nurses would starve children to death.

When Jews were moved into death camps many of the same doctors and nurses involved in the euthanasia program took down the gas chambers in the hospitals and reconstructed them in the concentration camps; additionally many nurses were directly involved in human experiments.

Eva KorHuman Experimentation

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor was captured with her twin sister Miriam and experimented on by the Nazis. To aid his sick, demented experiments, infamous Nazi Doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele utilized twins specifically to be force injected against their will and monitored. Eva and her twin sister were housed with twin girls age 2 to 16, and would be inspected by Dr. Mengele on a daily basis. After breakfast, the twins were brought for experiments which included 6 to 8 hours of having their bodies inspected. All the children were taken to a blood lab 3 days a week. According to Eva Kor the doctors and nurses would take a lot of blood from her left arm and give her at least 5 injections in her right arm.

“The contents of those injections we didn’t know then nor do I know today. To the best of my knowledge they were germs, diseases and drugs because the German Pharmaceutical company was very heavily involved in the experiments in Auschwitz. After one of those injections I became very ill with a very high fever: in fact I desperately tried to hide. The rumor in the camp was anyone taken to the hospital never came back so I didn’t want to be taken to the hospital. My fever was high, both of my legs and arms were swolen and very very painful and I had huge red patches throughout my body the size of a small apple or an egg.” – Eva Kor

(It is of interest to note Eva’s symptoms sound very similar to some adverse reactions to vaccines.)

Less than 200 of the 1500 twins used in experiments by Mengele survived. Many died from the conditions in the camp but the majority died as a result of the experiments and injections. There were sterilization experiments in Auschwitz as well, and the nurses were often the ones who picked and prepared the human subjects. Some nurses were eventually sent to prison for their participation in crimes against humanity, while others were given death sentences and hanged. Many of the nurses involved were never captured or pursued.

There were nurses who did not comply with the Nazi insanity. One was Maria Stromberger who had heard what was happening in Auschwitz and couldn’t believe it. She asked to be transferred to Auschwitz and, eventually, smuggled out information and even smuggled in ammunition and guns for resistors inside. She saved many lives.

Brave American Nurses Speaking Out!

As children are injured and killed by vaccines today, there is a brave minority of nurses and retired nurses who are beginning to speak out and tell their truth to the world. Below is a list of over a dozen nurses with a brief description of their stories and a link to the Youtube video where you can hear them speak for themselves.


(1) This Research Nurse admits to having injected a vaccine into a baby during medical research where the baby died shortly after. Her supervising physician said the baby’s death was not related to the vaccination she administered, however she does not believe that is the truth.

(2) Michele Rowton – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (specializes in children age 2 and under), with 17 years experience in the NICU, speaks out against the dangers vaccines pose to children –

(3) Nurse who got the flu shot had a horrible reaction –

(4) Two nurses tell of their vaccine injured autistic children –

(5) Julie is a registered nurse of 44 years – often saw children admitted to the emergency room shortly after receiving vaccinations –

(6) Certified Pediatric Nurse speaks out against dangers of vaccination –

(7) Belinda is a Nurse Practitioner practicing Emergency Medicine. She saw children injured from vaccine she gave, and got guillain barre syndrome herself from a flu shot –

(8) Joanne, NICU Nurse for 30 years, retired early because she can no longer vaccinate children as she is convinced they are not safe. She is especially adamant against the practice of vaccinating “micro-premies” –

(9) Registered Nurse whose son had seizures from vaccines, and she will no longer administer vaccines to anyone –

(10) Registered Nurse, now stay at home mom, doesn’t vaccinate her children –

(11) Jackie, Nurse, was pro-vaccine but no longer supports vacciantion –

(12) Psychiatric Nurse says her son was disabled after getting the MMR vaccine –

(13) Seatle Nursing student, says VAXXED is very convincing movie –

Watch CARING CORRUPTED – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich:

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  1. Fed Up Democrat,  Below is a excerpt from one of your recent posts.  Honestly, this is the 1st time I’ve disagreed with any of your blog posts or emails but it’s in a big way!  I beg to differ on your excerpt below that states the goal of vaccination is NOT explicitly to kill when we BOTH know it absolutely is intended for such!  Now, my biggest fear as I love your content, is the fact this statement alone shows you may be compromised by outside entities as this statement completely refutes ALL of your previous blogs & emails I have received.  Are you like RFK Jr. who is clearly controlled opposition, or do you honestly give a shit about OUR freedoms bc as a dad, that will stop at NOTHING, to protect my beautiful & innocent family from the disgusting, unethical, tyrannical rule that is the government & the Democratic Party’s agenda, there is ZERO room for playing nice in sandbox! 

    Please email me back to make sense of the below or you have just list a VERY vocal & organized follower! Thanks! 

    Wording from your last email… Of there is a big difference between this and vaccination – the goal of vaccination is not explicitly to kill or disable children, but too often the result is effectively just that.


    1. I would like to make two points.

      1. Nurses in Nazi Germany were injecting children EXPLICITLY to kill the child. Nurses today do not inject vaccines into children to explicitly kill them. The overwhelming majority of nurses believe they are helping each and every child that they vaccinate, and there is no way I would ever say or imply that nurses are trying to kill children when they vaccinate them. It is an important distinction to make. Are there larger forces at play that are using the vaccination program for means that are not publicly stated – possibly sterilization, debilitation and/or death? That is possible, and there is a lot of evidence to support that statement, but not enough to say so explicitly.

      2. Rober F. Kennedy Jr. is nothing short of a hero, and I completely reject your opinion that RFK Jr. “is clearly controlled opposition.” I could not disagree more. He has done more for Health Freedom and Vaccine Choice than any person alive today. Just one small example — if it wasn’t for him and the efforts of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), and all of their affiliates, associates and employees, New Jersey would not have its religious exemption to vaccination in place today. I say this because I know a lot of the behind the scenes that went down, especially as it pertains to Jamel Holley. I know many people who work with and/or for CHD and they are the most active and effective Health Freedom Activists in New York. You have every right to have and voice your opinion, but I completely disagree with you on this point.

      Thank you for your comments

      Fed Up Dem


  2. The most undeniably effective vaccine immunity, is the immunity of vaccination makers from lawsuit; granted by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. The law grants drug companies immunity from lawsuits from injuries or deaths tied to vaccinations.


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