Hevesi Cosponsors Forced HPV Vaccine of All NY Children

He Kicked Disabled Children Out of all NY Schools…

Now he may force YOUR KID to be vaccinated with HPV Vaccine!


ACTION ALERT – Call his office (see bottom of post)

January 25, 2020 — Andrew Hevesi, Assemblyman from Queens and son of disgraced convicted felon Alan Hevesi, has become a cosponsor of A2912a which would force the HPV vaccine Gardasil on all New York children to attend school. If this becomes law New York will become the *only* state in America where Gardasil is mandatory and there is no option to opt-out.

Last session Hevesi’s office was mired in controversy when one of his staffers was wearing a medical mask as orthodox Jewish New Yorkers were coming into their office, but was taking it off when speaking with non-orthodox Jews. You can read about that here: https://thefedupdemocrat.home.blog/2019/05/14/hevesi-staffer-wears-mask-for-jews-only/

Hevesi also voted YES to repealing the religious exemption to vaccination on June 13, 2019, after flip-flopping his position multiple times. First he was going to vote YES, then he met with a group of constituents along with Dr. Larry Palevsky. After being educated by the great Dr. Palevsky Hevesi said he would be voting NO to repealing the religious exemption. Then he flipped back to YES and voted to take away the Constitutional Rights of every New Yorker.

Back on May 1st, 2019, I reported the following here at this blog:

Assemblyman Hevesi was in support of a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Dinowitz to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination, bill A2371. By the end of the conversation (Hevesi had with constituents and Dr. Palevsky) it was reported that Hevesi stated unless Dinowitz can prove to him that it is unvaccinated children who have a religious exemption that are the cause of the spread of measles, he will vote *no* on the bill…

But Hevesi flipped back and voted YES anyway.

What’s particularly disappointing and frankly disgusting about Hevesi is that we know he had good, credible information and documentation presented to him by the amazing Dr. Palevsky; we know it was convincing and changed Hevesi’s mind; yet he still went and voted the way King Cuomo and Speaker Carl Heastie ordered him to vote.

Call Hevesi’s offices. Tell him to vote REMOVE HIS NAME as cosponsor on A2912a that would mandate Gardasil for all New York children in school and to vogte NO to A973a that allows children to be drugged and vaccinated for STDs without parental knowledge or consent.

District 28: Hevesi (Forest Hills, Queens)
Queens – 718-263-5595
Albany – 518-455-4926

email him – https://nyassembly.gov/mem/Andrew-Hevesi/contact

visit his office:

70-50 Austin Street
Suite 118
Forest Hills, NY 11375

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  1. Senator Hevesi, son of a convicted felon Alan Hevesi, has become a Cosponsor of A2912a which would force Gardasil on NY children to attend school. He is as dangerous as #GardasilisDangerous.

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