I read this story posted on Rita Palma’s Facebook page. So incredibly tragic. This is why we must never allow S3899a to become law in New York – Fed Up Dem


This is Devryn Holt and his mother Camille.

Devryn experienced vaccine reactions as a child which were dismissed by doctors until he had a massive seizure in the doctors office following a vaccination in which the doctor had to immediately administer epinephrine.

After that Devryn chronically suffered from epileptic seizures, which would reach a frequency of 60 seizures a day. As a result, Camille could no longer risk vaccinating Devryn.

When Devryn was 16 years old, Camille took him and herself to the doctor for a family appointment and while she was being examined, Devryn was given the Gardasil vaccine by a nurse, without Camille’s knowledge or consent.

As a result of the Gardasil shot, Devryn’s seizures went into overdrive and along with the onset of new neurological reactions he experienced massive headaches and stomach issues. He lived in agony for the next three years until his body gave out and he died from a seizure. He was 19.

Please honor Devryn’s life by sharing his story in hopes that what happened to him will not be the fate of someone else’s son or daughter.

Rest In Peace Devryn Holt
4/20/1999 to 9/16/2018


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