Review of Vice’s Anti-Vaxx Fever


February 10, 2020 — The VICE documentary titled “Anti-Vaxx Fever” is a hit piece.

It created the illusion of telling both sides of the story by spending a lot of time interviewing Hillary Simpson of “Crazy Mothers,” who is a passionate #VaccineChoice & #HealthFreedom advocate. Simpson and Crazy Mothers hosted the successful Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) event recently held in Washington D.C. However the main theme of the VICE documentary was to praise Ethan Linderberger as an 18-year-old, Dungeon’s & Dragon’s playing globe-trotting pro-vaccine hero, while making Vaccine Choice advocates appear to be little more than opportunistic capitalists. For those who don’t remember Ethan, he is the young man whose mother never vaccinated him and once he turned 18 he made the choice to get vaccinated.

So that’s the short version for all those who don’t need to know more. If you want details, keep reading.

The reporter who takes us through this story is Krishna Andavolu (pictured above). He paints Vaccine Choice Advocates as being sincere in what they believe, which only makes them more dangerous to society. By the end Andavolu says we ignore “anti-vaxxers” at our own peril, and, “This is what life in post-truth America looks like,” stating Vaccine Choice advocates are liars.

Post Truth America

Here are some “Post-Truths” from Krishna Andavolu himself:

The biggest lies were when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was interviewed by Andavolu. RFK referenced the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that concluded scientific studies did not exist to prove or disprove that vaccines cause autism. At that point Andavolu cuts away from the interview entirely and says RFK is completely wrong; that many studies have been done to prove vaccines do not cause autism. He quotes the now famous Danish study published in 2019 that said there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. But that is not what RFK said: rather he said the studies have not been done to prove that vaccineS (plural, with an S) do not cause autism. Everyone loves to focus all attention on the MMR and forget the other 50+ doses of vaccines that go into every American child (#PostTruth)

In fact the Danish study was designed with multiple flaws, but the most glaring is that it was done in Denmark, not America. Why does that matter? Well, for starters in Denmark they do not inject day-1 old babies with the HEP-B vaccine; in America, we do! So this data is not relevant to the vaccine schedule the children in the United States are on. It also uses a common page out of the pro-vaccine playbook to only mention one vaccine – the MMR. For years, perhaps decades, this has been a standard diversionary tactic used by those who wish to avoid dealing with all of the facts head on; ignoring every single other vaccine’s potential link to autism (#PostTruth)

Andavolu interviews Del Bigtree and airs about 15 seconds of that interview where Bigtree says the debate around vaccines is tearing people apart, even tearing families apart, and there is one way to end the debate…

…and that’s the end of Bigtree’s part in the documentary. They literally don’t even allow him to say what the “one way” is to end the debate (#PostTruth)

Krishna Andavolu speaks with Mark Roberts who runs computer models to show what happens when “herd immunity” drops in a school from 100% to 99% to 98%, and so on, and claims to show if a measles case comes into those groups the number of infected children rises exponentially for every 1% drop in vaccine coverage. Eventually Roberts says, “This is not to say this is exactly what is going to happen…” Of course it’s not! It’s a simulated computer model based on the data set Roberts is plugging in which, just maybe, is designed to support his pro-vaccine agenda. Those who are unvaccinated are referred to as “bystanders.” Andavolu at one point looks at the computer screen – that we can no longer see – and says, “oh look! 30% of the (measles) cases are in bystanders.”

30% of what exactly? What simulation is he referring to? We aren’t told (#PostTruth)

Mark Roberts then says, “We are going to see a child die of measles this year or next.”

That hasn’t happened and is very unlikely to happen.

What we know to be true is quite different. We know that in New York in 2018/19 there were approximately 26,000 unvaccinated students in schools that had religious exemptions to vaccinations. Not one of those children played any role in the measles outbreak they were blamed for during that time. We know this from Democratic Assemblyman Tom Abinanti who said precisely this on the floor of the Assembly in Albany, NY on June 13, 2019. No one challenged him on this statement. No one disputed him, because they couldn’t. Nevertheless Roberts wants us to believe unvaccinated children like this will be responsible for his hypothetical measles death this year or next year. The fact is that there hasn’t been a single death in America from measles in over 10 years. (#PostTruth)

We also get to hear from Texas moms who are scared to death of the power of the “anti-vaxxer” lobby in Texas. One mom says that a child was sent into a public school with measles; with a full measles rash on the child’s body. I have to admit, when I heard this I gasped out loud. The mothers went on to say it is horrifying that these “anti-vaxxer” moms think it is ok to send their measles-infected child into school on purpose. I waited for the source of this claim to be presented.

And waited,

And waited…

No source (#PostTruth)

To even insinuate that any Vaccine Choice advocate or parent believes they should be sending children with active measles into school is disgraceful. No one believes that! If it did happen, I would love to know who it was that did this, what the circumstances were and what that parent’s comments are about the situation. However VICE doesn’t give us any of that (#PostTruth)

Very Little Truth

VICE provides us with very little truth in their #PostTruth documentary. In fact all of the #PostTruths I’ve mentioned here are just what I know off the top of my head. I’m not even going into far more #PostTruths that Krishna Andavolu and his crew had no problem spewing out to the entire world. There was very little to like in the documentary, but I did manage to find two pieces I enjoyed.

Watching 18-year-old Ethan Linderberger play Dungeons and Dragons in his basement with his friends was very entertaining. Krishna Andavolu says that Linderberger “Has a nack for driving a narrative” and you can see just that as he conjures up a brilliant D&D narrative of a woman magically entering a scene and violently slashing her opponent (who happened to be Krishna Andavolu). You can also see at times just how smitten Linderberger is to be sweet-talked backstage before coming on as a guest on talk shows, as well as being a keynote speaker flown into Brussels at the World Vaccine Summit.

One point that was made which was very interesting was that the #VaccineChoice and #HealthFreedom movement is composed of everyone from Trumpers to Bernie-bangers and everything else you can imagine. The far-left and the far-right – who never agree on anything in the world – are agreeing on this one issue. We all want to have control over our own bodies; and our children’s bodies – GO FIGURE! This reminds me of a quote from a recent interview I conducted with the amazing Assemblyman Jamel Holley when speaking of the Health Freedom movement in America today.

“This is a political revolutionary one issue movement that I believe is going to take place in every state in this country.”

Andavolu says this fact may make all Vaccine Choice advocates and parents very “dangerous.” I think I agree with this point – we are very dangerous to the status-quo of forced medical procedures against informed consent.