China’s Social Credit Tyranny


China’s social credit system will “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.” – China’s State Council; June 14, 2014

February 11, 2020 — China is using drones to enforce coronavirus rules on its citizens. If you are not wearing a medical mask on the streets in China today, a drone will swoop down and speak to you about it. Drones may also enforce quarantine rules. This is certain to have an impact on an individual’s “social credit” score, a Chinese system that is now in place that goes far beyond George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. Let’s take a look at how China is not only destroying the rights of the individual, but working towards actually eradicating the individual entirely from it’s communist society by creating a “new citizen.”

***Nearly all of the below comes from Truthstream Media’s What’s Your Social Credit Score? ***

China’s social credit system runs on a series of “blacklists.” One example of how you end up on such a list is by posting “unapproved thoughts” on social media. If a person is caught littering, having a messy yard, or gossiping their social credit score drops. In one Chinese city they have facial recognition cameras that catch jay-walkers, then flash their pictures on public screens on the street in an effort to shame them before sending them a fine to their phone.

These technologies have been rolled out in Chinese classrooms as well, monitoring student behavior and engagement during classes, scanning the class every 30 seconds. They can tell if the students are behaving appropriately, and even if they are engaged based on where the child’s eyeballs are looking.

Google has built China a “special” censored search engine. As of December 2019 all Chinese citizens are required to use facial recognition to sign up for internet services or to get a new cell phone number. Residents are banned from transferring their phone number to someone else. China’s largest dating website has agreed to boost the dating profiles of citizens who have high social credit scores. Muslim minorities in China are monitored ferociously and over 1,000,000 of them have been placed into “Chinese Reeducation Camps.” The videos the government puts out of people in the reeducation camps dancing and smiling – so happy they have been “reeducated” – are disturbing to the bone when you watch them.

If you have a low social credit score you can be banned from traveling on planes and trains.

Or, if you are allowed to travel on trains, you can only purchase the least desirable seat on the least desirable train at the least desirable time. You may be banned from train travel and only allowed on buses. When your social credit score begins to fall, your friends and family are aware. They naturally begin to distance themselves from you out of fear that their social credit scores will begin to fall by association with you, which can and does happen.

Eventually everyone will mimic the behavior that the government rewards, and China will have created a “new citizen.” That “new citizen” will exist for the betterment of the Chinese state; not the betterment of themselves; or their friends; or their family; or their spouse; or their children, but the state. This connects with the UNIVERSAL DIGITAL IDENTITY (UDI) that is being rolled out in India. This is where every Indian citizen must have a bio-metric UDI to do everything from purchase food, to see a doctor, to withdraw money from an ATM. It has even been reported that people in India who artificial intelligence software has failed to recognize by their fingerprints have starved to death when they couldn’t receive their food rations. (In America this sort of system is going to creep in through the new REAL ID).

These types of totalitarianism are great ways to coerce adults into getting vaccinated; because if you are unvaccinated your social credit score will surely drop. In America and Europe we will slowly see laws moving us in this direction creep into our state houses and Washington D.C. Recently a bill called the “Fair Credit Act” passed in the House. Republicans offered an amendment to that bill that would prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from forcing credit reporting based on religious or political beliefs. The Democratic controlled Congress voted against that amendment. This does not mean that we will have a social credit system in America by 2021, however it is part of a slow creep towards techno-totalitarianism happening in America today.

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