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February 22, 2020 — Thorn Schwartz is a 12-year-old boy with Autism who has a valid medical exemption to vaccination that his school denied in September of 2019, banning him from public school. However on January 30th, Judge Dan Doyle signed a temporary order honoring Thorn’s medical exemption to vaccination, returning the boy to school. There are two aspects to this case that were argued in court on February 21st, which are:

(1) Will Thorn’s medical exemption to vaccination be permanently accepted by his school?

(2) Will the emergency regulation that came from Governor Cuomo in August of 2019 – that effectively stopped all medical exemptions from being accepted in New York State – be thrown out?

If the emergency ban on medical exemptions – issued by the New York State Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker – is overturned by Judge Doyle, it will open the door for hundreds of disabled students who are currently kicked out of school to be readmitted with their valid medical exemptions to vaccination.

We may know the answer to the above questions within the next two weeks, however sources working very close to the case believe the ruling will likely be dragged out further than that. Judge Doyle has given all the attorneys involved two weeks to submit their written arguments to the court. The Schwartz family is represented by attorney Patricia Finn, who is an expert in the laws surrounding vaccine exemptions in New York State. Find out more about Finn at her website:

There were protests in front of the courthouse during the hearing, which were covered by local media including a local NBC affiliate that has been covering Thorn’s case since September. Watch that coverage at the following hyperlink: Family of child with autism seeks permanent order that he can go back to school with medical vaccine exemption.

(There has been a decent amount of local, upstate New York coverage of this story but I have not seen anything state-wide or national at this point.)

In the local NBC coverage you will see Thorn Schwartz’s father, Carl Schwartz, who happens to be an attorney himself, telling Judge Doyle his son has had a medical exemption to vaccination for years. It wasn’t until August of 2019 when the New York Department of Health decided to change the rules that his son was ripped out of his BOCES public school program. We all know where that change came from – it was an emergency order given to the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Commissioner Howard Zucker by Governor Andrew Cuomo himself. The gruesome viciousness of Governor Cuomo’s horrifying attacks on disabled children is so repulsive the words do not exist to adequately describe how despicable Cuomo truly is — #AnyoneButAndrew2022 !!!

The case is effectively two cases rolled in one; one against Thorn’s school and one against the NYSDOH. Ali Hamideh – whose son Ameer recently won a court battle over his medical exemption to vaccination – was at the courthouse on February 21st to show his support for Thorn and his family.

Ali Hamideh – WARRIOR DAD!

Pictured at the top of this report is Ali Hamideh with Thorn Schwartz. Hamideh is not Thorn’s father, but he can identify with Thorn as if he was his very own son. Ali Hamideh went through the same battle to get his own disabled son, Ameer, back in school. When Ameer was finally allowed back into school, Ali posted on Facebook he was so happy that he could finally go back to his normal life.

But he hasn’t returned to his normal life.

After he made that Facebook post Hamideh tossed and turned all night long in bed. He couldn’t sleep. His son was back in school, but what about the 26,000 other children – many of them also disabled children just like his son – who were still segregated and banned from school? The Hamideh family had received so much love and support as they battled in court for their son, Ali felt obligated to give back what he had so freely gotten.

He first got involved in Thorn’s case when Christa Kinsley from Take Action Roc reached out to him after his victory in court. She asked Hamideh to help bring attention and raise awareness to Thorn’s case. Hamideh was honored to help. Besides Thorn’s case, Hamideh has been traveling across the Northeast fighting for Health Freedom, Religious Freedom and Vaccine Choice where ever these precious rights are being threatened – most recently in New Jersey and Connecticut.

Now Hamideh plans to start a WARRIOR DAD GROUP. If you are a father fighting for Health Freedom, Religious Freedom, and/or Vaccine Choice for your family please contact Ali Hamideh to find out how you can be a part of his WARRIOR DAD GROUP.

Contact Ali Hamideh on Facebook or on Twitter

Ali Hamideh – on Twitter @Alihamideh1988

Ali Hamideh – on Facebook

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Watch Ali Hamideh’s video live from the Yates Courthouse after Thorn’s case was heard on February 21, 2020 –

Watch Patti Finn’s Facebook broadcast where she interviews Ali Hamideh and Carl Schwartz –


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