US Health Agencies Conspired to Allow the Autism Epidemic

Top US Health Officials Know Vaccines Can Sicken Children

The Smoking Gun – Simpsonwood


February 28, 2020 — In 1999 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) commissioned a study by Epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten that proved children who received the HEP-B vaccine within the first 60 days of life had a 1135% greater chance of getting a diagnosis of Autism than children who did not receive that vaccine. In America every child is given the HEP-B vaccine on day-1 of life unless the parents refuse it.

They knew (vaccines were) causing the Autism epidemic in 1999,” says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Verstraeten study prompted an emergency meeting that was held off of the CDC campus at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Georgia to be kept secret. The heads of all the major vaccine companies and health agencies were among the five dozen people who attended the secret meeting. This included heads of the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute of Health (NIH), and more. Former NIH Director Dr. Walter Orenstein and the CDC’s Dr. Frank Destefano were just two of the high-powered names in attendance. All of these officials spent two days discussing the Verstraetn study, and Thomas Verstraeten gave a presentation about the study at Simpsonwood. There is a transcript of this meeting that has come to be known as The Simpsonwood Documents. In 2005, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published excerpts of this transcript in a report titled “Deadly Immunity” in Rolling Stone Magazine.

The first day at Simpsonwood these health officials and vaccine capitalists spent their time coming to a consensus that yes, the vaccination program is very likely to be the cause of Autism and other catastrophic health problems in American children. Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado is quoted in the transcript apologizing for having stepped away from the meeting. He had gotten an urgent call that his daughter-in-law had an emergency C-section delivering his grandson; the first male in the family to carry on his name. Based on what he had just learned at Simpsonwood he said he didn’t want this child getting any vaccine that contained thimerosal (mercury). Thomas Verstraeten ended his talk at Simpsonwood by questioning if it was in fact thimerosal that was causing catastrophic health problems in children – maybe it was aluminium, or some combination of vaccine components.

On the second day at Simpsonwood the discussion shifted to how all of these horrific facts would be kept secret from the American public, the media and the lawyers; they were (and are) terrified of lawyers finding out and holding each of them personally liable for destroying the health of American children.

If anyone ever tells you vaccines don’t cause Autism, point them to this report and all of the below links:


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FED UP DEM Analysis – The fact that children who received the HEP-B vaccine within the first 60 days of life have a 1135% greater chance of getting an Autism diagnosis does not mean that the HEP-B vaccine alone causes Autism. Children whose parents allow them to receive this vaccine within the first 60 days of life are highly likely to stick to the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule for the first 12 to 18 months of life which includes at least 24 vaccines. All available evidence to date points to the fact that it is the cumulative impact of multiple vaccinations at such a young and vulnerable age that creates a synergistic toxicity which can lead to neurological diseases such as Autism. I would recommend reading HOW TO END THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC by J.B. Handley for some of the best documentation that further supports this thesis.


Quote from Epidemiologist, Dr. Thomas Verstraeten:

Finally, and this may be the toughest one of all, how do we know that it is a Thimerosal effect? Since all vaccines (at that time were) Thimerosal containing, how do we know that it’s not something else (causing neurological disorders) in the vaccines such as aluminum or the antigens? – page 50, The Simpsonwood Documents

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