Coronavirus Hysteria is About Force Vaccinating Adults

March 8, 2020 — Coronavirus propaganda has instilled fear in the entire world over a virus in the common-cold family, and is said to only be a “danger” to adults. The virus is proving to not be especially dangerous to healthy individuals, nevertheless it is being manipulated to usher in an era of forced adult vaccination that has been creeping up on us for years.

The European Union is moving towards requiring a vaccine ID to be attached to every passport by the year 2022. With the coronavirus we now see reports being published titled “Airplanes spread diseases quickly – so maybe unvaccinated people shouldn’t be allowed to fly.” This is being discussed before a coronavirus vaccine has even been tested!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has pushed through a $40 million dollar funded law to deal with the coronavirus that also gives him the ability to suspend any state statute he deems a hindrance to handling any emergency. The law gives him Draconian powers for one full year, including the ability to force medical procedures – such as vaccination – on anyone he chooses. This Draconian law will be in effect during the election season of 2020 where Albany Democrats are in danger of losing their super-majority mainly in the Senate.

The Olean Times Herald reports the following:

The bill permits Cuomo to issue directives in response to a disaster — an “occurrence or imminent, impending or urgent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury or loss of life or property” — resulting from a slew of potential crises, including not only disease, but also natural disasters, terrorism activity and infestation, among other issues.

Andrew Cuomo is now ideologically comparable to former President George W. Bush or, more accurately, former Vice President Dick Cheney. In 2001 after 9/11 and in the wake of the anthrax attacks there was a push to have the Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) passed in state capitols across the nation. That would have given Draconian powers to the governor if he/she declared a state of emergency. That law did not go anywhere in New York under a Republican Governor, George Pataki, even though it was being pushed by the Republican President (and Vice President) at the time. Now it is a Democrat forcing essentially the same Draconian law on all of New York in an extremely sneaky and underhanded way. Even high ranking members of Cuomo’s own party – such as Chairman of the Senate Health Committee Gustavo Rivera – accused the Governor of using the coronavirus scare as a “power grab.” I hope everyone is starting to realize what a true threat Cuomo is to New York and possibly the entire nation.

In Westchester, NY back in September of 2019, the local department of health has already been given the authority to force vaccinate adults without any law being passed. Just six months later Westchester now has 1,000 people under quarantine and, oddly enough, once again it is the Jewish population being targeted in New York just like they were during the alleged “measles outbreak” of 2018/19 in New York.

Coronavirus – Not So Deadly & Unconfirmed

It appears the coronavirus has a mortality rate of under 1% thus far, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Additionally the testing for the virus is questionable at best. In China they have moved to CT chest scans, which makes it very easy to conflate coronavirus with other respiratory illness such as pneumonia or flu. In America the FDA, CDC and local departments of health are declaring someone to have coronavirus with what they are calling a “presumptive positive.” Maryam Henein has been following this thread of research:

The legendary investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has reminded us that the swine flu test from 2009 were based only on symptoms and travel – which is what is mainly being used to “confirm” the coronavirus today. In 2009 with the swine flu almost none of the presumed positive cases turned out to actually be swine flu.

Any “real” testing for coronavirus has included flawed PCR and antibody testing methods, which continues to be covered thoroughly by Jon Rappoport at

If I am correct, and the point of the coronavirus fear-mongering is to usher in forced adult vaccination, the Health Authorities have no need for accurate testing. The worse things sound the better it is for this Draconian business of moving us towards an era of mandatory adult vaccination, regardless of whatever the truth may or may not be.


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    1. I am not a doctor, so I am not giving medical advice, and I never give medical advice. I do believe everyone should take every precaution to stay healthy and avoid getting sick – especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

      I looked at the post on reddit that you linked to. From all the evidence I have seen so far I am not convinced that this is the “serious, deadly disease” you and many others believe it to be. I just don’t see the evidence of that.

      However your point that people should take precaution regardless is noted. Dr. Gary Null as well as Dr. James Lyons-Weiler – to men I greatly respect – both agree with you that we need to be very careful in our day to day lives when thinking about the transmission of the coronavirus.


    2. Kathie Breault – thank you for sharing the credit post two weeks ago regarding what was happening in Italy, I greatly appreciate it. Since then I have seen many reports regarding the impact COVID-19 is having on the Italian hospital system.

      While I still don’t believe the coronavirus is especially dangerous to healthy individuals, I do see how it is extremely dangerous to public health systems that are under-prepared, and that is extremely significant.

      Thank you again for your comment

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