Martial Law Eminent in NYC

New Rochelle Will Be the Staging Zone

“Some people will never hug their parents again…This is a human event.” Jason Bermas, March 18, 2020:

March 19, 2020 — A week ago two men associated with the military told me a national quarantine was eminent. Are they correct? National Guard is already all over the state – staged strongly in New Rochelle. According to Jason Bermas, who has been reporting on the unfolding “emergency” in New York, New Rochelle is a perfect location for the military to lock down NYC and Long Island; the most populace sections of the state.

Jason Bermas has been reporting and predicting everything that is unfolding in front of us right now in New York. Like myself he is an NY resident, and he is predicting NYC will be locked down over this upcoming weekend. His predictions have been spot on for weeks now.

Ammunition is sold out everywhere – or has been deliberately pulled off the shelves by retailers.

Gold prices are plummeting below $1500 an ounce which makes absolutely no sense given the depression global stock markets are headed into. However it appears that is reflecting the value of paper gold and not true physical gold., one of the biggest and best online gold retailers has just posted the following message on their website:

Due to extreme order volumes, please expect a shipping delay of up to 3 business days. Temporary $299 order minimum is in effect, learn more

Anyone who does not have physical gold or silver should buy some NOW – you won’t see prices below $1500 for very long. Even if it does stay that low, an underground street value of physical gold will certainly emerge at some point in the not so distant future. I believe the drop in gold prices is coming from investors moving their money out of paper-gold only to get into the real thing.

According to Bermas in New York it is now legal to deputize almost anyone to become an emergency health responder; meaning almost anyone can be given authority by the state to administer drugs or vaccines since we are in a declared state of emergency.

Makes perfect sense now why Big Pharma and NY Democratic leadership has gone so hard-and-heavy in the past 2 years to do all of the following in New York:

Make no mistake about it – Andrew Cuomo is an extremely dangerous man; definitely the most dangerous man in New York. He is carrying out the will of the most powerful elites on the planet and is not to be trusted in any way, shape or form.

Everyone needs to listen to James Corbett’s interview of Jason Bermas at the following link: