Cuomo and Zucker Responsible for NY COVID-19 Deaths

***Update: April 27, 2020 — It appears overuse of ventilators in New York has been killing thousands of COVID-19 patients. Read about that HERE


March 21, 2020 — People are praising Governor Cuomo for his “leadership” around the current COVID-19 crisis, but he deserves nothing of the kind and I will prove it here. If there is a drastic uptick of hospitalizations in New York due to COVID-19 cases, the lack of ventilators that will lead to certain deaths are 100% Cuomo’s fault. Betsy McCaughey reports the following:


After learning that the state’s stockpile of medical equipment had 16,000 fewer ventilators than New Yorkers would need in a severe pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to a fork in the road in 2015. He could have chosen to buy more ventilators. Instead, he asked his health commissioner, Howard Zucker to assemble a task force and draft rules for rationing the ventilators they already had. That task force came up with rules that will be imposed when ventilators run short. Patients assigned a red code will have the highest access, and other patients will be assigned green, yellow or blue (the worst) depending on a “triage officer’s” decision. In truth, a death officer. Let’s not sugarcoat it. It won’t be up to your own doctor. (emphasis added)


This is precisely what is happening in Italy right now. A lack of ventilators is directly resulting in deaths of COVID-19 patients. It’s no wonder Cuomo is bringing New York to the brink of martial law to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus: he knows if anyone dies due to his ingenious “ventilator rationing” program that his lackey Howard Zucker was more than glad to create for him, those deaths will fall at his doorstep and no one else’s.

This is a despicable trend in America over the past 20 years – the gutting of our hospitals. Cuomo has publicly patted himself on the back as being “the most progressive Governor in New York history.” Well not when it comes to supplying hospitals with the ventilators they need so people don’t die!

This is just one of many examples where New York State’s Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker did precisely Cuomo’s bidding like a willing, ignorant lap-dog. When New York repealed the Religious Exemption to vaccination, Cuomo used his little lap-dog Zucker to punish disabled children with valid medical reasons to not be vaccinated. Zucker issued an “emergency regulation” that not only denied any new medical exemptions to vaccination, but even revoked valid medical exemptions that children had already been given by their doctors years earlier.

Ameer Hamideh is one of those children, but Cuomo and Zucker lost in court and Ameer was placed back into school by court order. Thorn Schwartz was also one of those children and, again, Cuomo and Zucker lost in court, and Thorn was placed back into his school by court order. However there are still hundreds of disabled students kicked out of school, denied an education who do not have the means to fight in court.

Read about these children being viciously denied their rights to an education by Cuomo and Zucker at the following links:

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Meanwhile Cuomo is using the COVID-19 crisis to destroy the democratic process in Albany and force through his agenda. He has shutdown the capitol to all visitors, but is forcing the lawmakers to stay and finalize the 2020 budget effectively in secret. Cuomo’s budget is likely to include allowing children as young as 9-years-old to be drugged and vaccinated in school without parental knowledge or consent; as well as forcing the dangerous HPV vaccine Gardasil on all New York children to attend school. Read about that at the following link:

Cuomo Uses COVID-19 to Dismantle New York Democracy

Do not get it twisted – Cuomo is no hero.

***Update — Cuomo announces he is getting 6,000 ventilators sent to New York hospitals. Too bad they will be rushed in – who knows when they will arrive, be subject to troubleshooting, and ultimately be deployed. Even still, this is 10,000 ventilators short of the 16,000 Cuomo was warned we needed 5 years ago.