NYC Nurse Tells What Hospital is Like Right Now

Mach 21, 2020 — I have a dear friend who works at a prominent hospital in NYC. Here is what this person has been able to report:

  • The hospital is currently operating at 85% capacity
  • They are rapidly training nurses to fill-in as ICU nurses
  • It is non-stop busy – the hospital looks like something out of a movie
  • Their ventilator situation is currently ok in that one hospital
  • They are functioning ok, for now, but worry about any increase in capacity
  • This nurse advises everyone in New York to “stay in place!”

I now 100% agree with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler that social distancing is critically important at this point in time. COVID-19 is currently a serious public health risk. I don’t even care to discuss or debate causation at this point. I simply don’t want to see the hospitals get flooded as happened in China and then in Italy, but unfortunately, we may very well see just that.

COVID-19 does not seem to be a major threat to healthy people, but most New Yorkers are not healthy. Millions of New Yorkers have underlying health conditions. I do not wish to see any of them in harm’s way or facing death.

In the Health Freedom community we are seeing a healthy debate right now around the true causes of COVID-19, the tests used to detect the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2), and the controversy over whether the virus has been properly isolated at this point in time. Right now I could care less about any of those issues. I know this health crisis is being taken advantage of – but it still is a crisis! It is clear – we are standing on the brink of a public health emergency in New York – especially in New York City – and everyone needs to take it seriously.

Stay in place

Utilize social distancing

Wash your hands

Work from home if you can

Pray for New York