MSM Lies About Deaths From Chloroquine

Deaths From Fish Tank Cleaner, Not Chloroquine

March 27, 2020 — The Mainstream Media (MSM) is reporting people are dying taking chloroquine, but what they are keeping out of the headlines is that these deaths are coming from those self-medicating with a fish-tank cleaner, not the actual drug!

These deaths are also from people who did not even have CoVid-19, but who believed ingesting a fish tank cleaner would protect them in some way. Somehow the MSM is finding a way to blame President Trump for this, when (does this even need to be said?) no one has ever said to take chloroquine if you do not have CoVid-19, let alone to drink fish tank cleaner.

Chloroquine is the malaria drug that President Donald Trump has fast-tracked through the FDA to treat CoVid-19 patients because it has shown remarkable success in a recent, early study.

Just when you think the MSM can’t stoop any lower, we get this insanity.

The worst part of this is that the MSM hatred for Trump has led them to lie about a drug that may save hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives. They hate Trump so much they just don’t care if they kill people in order to attack him. Of course intravenous vitamin C at high doses is showing every sign of being the best possible treatment for CoVid-19 with no negative side effects, however that has no shot at becoming a mainstream treatment. It is far too effective and makes far too little profit for Big Pharma, so it will be largely ignored accept by very rich, powerful individuals who need treatment for CoVid-19; those people can get whatever treatments they want. (Some smart and free-thinking individuals may also be capable of getting high-dose intravenous vitamin C to treat CoVid-19 as well).

The majority of the information for this report comes from Del Bigtree and The Highwire, who recently broadcast Trump vs. Fauci: Battle of Agendas. The report highlights the battle that is going on between President Donald Trump and Dr. Stephen Fauci who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Fauci clearly and undoubtedly wants a vaccine to “solve” the coronavirus situation. Donald Trump clearly and undoubtedly wants immediate treatments to end the coronavirus shutdown of the US economy asap.

In the Medical Freedom Movement one thing almost all of us are in favor of is choice; we all want the option to choose what is and is not best for ourselves in consultation with our own doctors. Trump making chloroquine one of the treatment options for CoVid-19 is a pro-Medical Freedom move, and I support it 100%.

However it must be noted that chloroquine does have health risks. Richard Gale and Gary Null report the following, sourcing a report from China’s Zhejiang University School of Medicine, titled “Handbook of CoVid-19 Prevention and Treatment:”

The report is also clear in warning about Trump’s erroneous claims about chloroquine’s safety and lists the adverse effects including cardiac arrest and ocular toxicity. In China chloroquine is not being prescribed unless a patient has had an electrocardigram performed. None of this was noted during Trump’s press conference.

***So let’s be clear about this in every possible way: Yes, chloroquine can be beneficial to many suffering from CoVid-19. The recent deaths published by the MSM saying people have died from this drug are false, as those who died ingested a fish tank cleaner with no doctor prescription or supervision. However chloroquine does have some health risks including cardiac arrest and ocular toxicity. No one should be taking chloroquine without a thorough evaluation from a doctor that considers all of a patient’s medical history and risk factors. Intravenous vitamin C, and other natural therapies, have been proving very effective against CoVID-19 with no side effects. Learn about those natural remedies here***


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***UPDATE*** April 7, 2020 — MSM may have finally realized they got it wrong on Chloroquine: