Here Comes The Sun

A virus’s worst enemy – warm weather

March 30, 2020 — The novel coronavirus spreads almost exclusively through droplets. According to Dr. Gary Null the coronavirus can maintain itself in a droplet on a surface in public for maybe 45 minutes. (There is some cruise ship data showing under certain conditions it may persist longer). But once you bring the heat and UV light of the sun into the mix that time span plummets as the sun is the great cleanser of the environment. The sun has this impact on virtually all viruses. Perhaps even more significant will be the increase in vitamin D within each person who shows some skin and soaks in the sun’s rays.

Despite the Mayor of Las Vegas begging for Sin-City to reopen on April 1st, Nevada has denied that request. The state is shutting down as is the rest of the country/planet out of an “abundance of caution,” however they are not seeing a stark rise in cases of the coronavirus. Some attribute this to the fact that Nevada has a very warm climate and much more sunshine than we see in states like Washington or New York at this time. Others say the viral spread is just getting started in Nevada. Regardless, if we get an early spring with warm days and a lot of sun, we should see the transmission of SARS CoV-2 greatly decrease everywhere that experiences such weather.

Some will say we don’t know if this will be true or not, since the novel coronavirus is, in fact, novel; it’s new. How do we know precisely how it will behave? Dr. Dave Price of Weill Cornell Hospital in NYC recently gave some very good information regarding the novel coronavirus. He told us that this virus does not break any of the rules we see in other similar viruses; it is an average virus similar to other common-cold related viruses and it is even weak – simple hand washing, hand sanitizer and/or alcohol kill the virus easily.

I am practicing social distancing right now, but I am not practicing sunshine distancing. When the sun basks upon my front door I will be one of the first to soak it in wearing shorts and a tank top while standing six feet away from the wonderful strangers around me.