No New Vaccine Mandates in Albany Budget

April 3, 2020 — According to a tweet from Rita Palma, there are no new vaccine mandates snuck into the New York State budget that just passed. That does not mean we got a good budget, or a ‘clean’ budget so to speak, but we did not get any of the most egregious bills.

We did not get:

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, protested, petitioned, tweeted, posted and spread the word about all of these horrible bills that came very close to becoming law in New York (and still threaten to one day become law).

Now let’s vote the bastards out that want to destroy our freedoms!

***The Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc***

Please be aware — Even though the STD “treatment” bill did not pass, children are still being given drugs and vaccines for STD’s in public schools all across New York – without parental knowledge or consent – due to a 2017 regulation signed by Governor Cuomo. To learn more about that go here.