I Know Someone With COVID-19

April 15, 2020 — I am receiving daily updates from a family member who has every symptom of COVID-19. This person has been tested and will receive the test results this week. This is a young individual who has asthma, and there is one other person in their household who is also sick. The family member is having extreme problems breathing; worse than anything they have ever experienced in their life before from asthma or from any sickness. If they walk slowly across their home one time they end up getting out of breath. When they sit down it takes them under 1 minute to regain their breath. This individual has been told by their doctor that the symptoms seem manageable and they should stay at home. If this individual is unable to catch their breath in under 1 minute, their doctor says that is the moment they should go to the hospital to receive oxygen.

This individual tells me this is the worst sickness they have ever felt, ever, in their entire lifetime, and this is a young person whose only underlying health condition is asthma. The other individual who is sick in the home is experiencing something comparable to the flu, and that individual has no underlying health conditions. I share this information especially for people who feel that COVID-19 is “fake.” It is not. Yes, it is being overblown. Yes, it is being manipulated. Yes, our rights are being robbed from us in the guise of helping us.

But no, COVID-19 is not fake. It is a real sickness that can cause suffering and death.