New York COVID Death Rate is Below .01%

April 24, 2020 — New York has just completed it’s first round of antibody tests on a sample of 3,000 New Yorkers. The study’s findings are consistent with two slightly earlier studies conducted in California at Stanford and USC. The New York study shows out of 20 million New Yorkers 13.9% have likely been in contact with the coronavirus – or approximately 2.8 million people throughout New York State. If we divide the number of current deaths in New York State – 15,740 – by the number we suspect have come in contact with the virus we get an approximate death rate of .00562%. Even if we double the deaths in New York State, we are still looking at a death rate of only .01

As simple as it is to calculate the death rate – as it is just a ratio of those who died over the total number of people infected – the mainstream media hardly seems capable of doing this simple calculation. I wonder why?

This does not mean COVID-19 is not a serious and dangerous infectious disease; it is. We need to be very cautious in regards to public health policy especially in high density areas like NYC. But what we don’t need are lies, fear, miscalculations and economic suicide when we are only seeing a death rate comparable to the annual flu.

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