Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc and Donald Trump

April 25, 2020 — The great Rita Palma tells us why she is directing tweets at President Donald Trump, letting him know the Vaccine Choice Voting Bloc is real, and consists of millions of Americans who may – or may not – vote for him in November.

Rita recently tweeted if Trump doesn’t do anything for us she might as well vote for Biden. Her point was not that she believes Sleepy-Joe Biden can ever, or will ever, represent Medical Freedom and Vaccine Choice. Her point was to remind POTUS that a large portion of his 2016 vote came from parents with vaccine injured children as well as those who prioritize liberty and freedom in their medical decisions. I am 100% on board with any-and-every Twitter Storm or tweet campaign proposed by Rita Palma aimed at Trump. In fact my tweet regarding the possibility that flu vaccines could be mandated this fall received a decent amount of likes and retweets:

But Rita says it much better than I do, so here she is in her own words below – Fed Up Dem


From Rita Palma

I’ve received some mixed feedback on encouraging people to communicate to President Trump that if he does not address the issue(s) of vaccine safety, choice etc, in some substantive (and politically safe) way, he could lose the vote (US) that prioritizes these issues. This is not a ‘threat’, this is simply the truth. Many of us are ‘hard sells’ on DJT anyway, but are willing to hold our noses and vote for him if we think that he will help us with this issue that we so value.

But he has to do something for us- and there are ways to take action to help without sticking his neck out. In my opinion, he has to show us he cares and he’s on our side of the issue before we go to the polls in November. I conclude this after having spoken to hundreds of people in our movement. We are not 100% united behind him right now.

If we are not a viable voting influence, we are not worth anything to him. He will not acknowledge us.

He has to clearly understand that we represent a large number and that number could make a difference as to whom shows up at the polls- not just to him but on down ballot elections. This is why I emphasized the 40% of the US who DO NOT take a flu shot, mentioned in his briefing two nights ago. He goes by numbers.

The way I see it, he prioritizes the economy and winning the next election. If he believes that we represent a large enough number to influence the outcome of the next election (and down ballot elections), he will pay attention to us. It’s that simple.

I hope you all see my point and I’ve explained this well.

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