Dictator Cuomo Will Remove People From Their Homes

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April 28, 2020 — If you test positive for coronavirus in New York after the “shelter-in place” order is lifted in your region local authorities could remove you from your home, based on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to reopen sections of New York. It is listed as point #7:

7. Isolation Facilities: Regions must present plans to have rooms available for people who test positive for COVID-19 and who cannot self-isolate.

Will this be mandatory? Forced?

Dr. Michael Ryans of the World Health Organization (WHO) recently stated that “family members” – including children – may be forcibly removed from their homes and isolated if they test positive for the novel coronavirus. Tucker Carlson reported on this recently:

Does Cuomo plan on following the WHO/China model of forcibly removing people from their family homes? This is tyranny. It should be up to the family what does and does not happen to the family members within that household, not the state. New Yorkers have close to no recourse they can take to stop this. Governor Cuomo has “emergency powers” until April of 2021. The Senate and Assembly voted overwhelmingly to hand over virtually all authority to him, and King Cuomo certainly has become the end-all authority in New York.

5 thoughts on “Dictator Cuomo Will Remove People From Their Homes

  1. He’s gone too far. People need to look up ID2020 and listen to Fauci whistleblower, Dr Judy Mikovits, who used to work with Dr Fauci and went to jail for exposing the government’s agenda of vaccines creating diseases, including COVID 19. She’s out and her gag order time has been served. Cuomo is fulfilling the ID2020 agenda.

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  2. If indeed its tyranny as stated then what prevents armed citizens from making an arrest? Isn’t that the authority of the second amendment? Since when is it voted upon to give authority to one man? Sounds to me like he needs to be removed from office.


    1. The prevention to what you are suggesting is in that the Assembly and the Senate voted in March to give “Emergency Powers” to Governor Cuomo that allow him to change any law that he deems stands in the way of an emergency response to the COVID crisis. That emergency powers act needs to be repealed. There is a bill recently presented in Albany calling to revoke Cuomo’s emergency powers. We need all of our Albany reps so support that bill and revoke Cuomo’s dictatorship. I will be writing about that shortly.


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