Black and Brown COVID Patients Left to “Rot and Die” says Nurse

“No one cares because they are all minorities and we are in the f#cking hood!”

May 5, 2020 — A nurse named Nicole Sirotek at an NYC Hospital treating minority COVID-19 patients says her ICU has a 100% death rate, and that “No one cares because they are all minorities and we are in the f#cking hood.” She says these patients are not dying from COVID, but from multiple forms of medical malpractice she believes could be charged as murder.

The NY Post has recently confirmed Sirotek was working at Elmhurst hospital in Queens, NY, but was subsequently transferred after she posted her tearful video on youtube. Watch the video for yourself at the following link:

In a report titled Medical Protocols Killed More New Yorkers Than COVID-19 I have already documented the following:

  • COVID-19 patients are being placed on ventilators too frequently
  • This has led to an 80 to 90% death rate for COVID patients on ventilators
  • Hospitals can’t be sued if a ventilators kill a COVID patient due to the PREP Act
  • Frontline Doctors like Dr. Kyle-Sidell have blown the whistle on this

This nurse is not from New York. She is a volunteer transplant who came to NY when the call was put out for nurses to come help with NYC’s COVID disaster. We have heard plenty – including from Governor Cuomo himself – how minorities in New York are suffering and dying from COVID far more than others. It appears that has less to do with COVID and much more to do with Cuomo’s hospital system – which is currently run by him and NYDOH Commissioner Howard Zucker.

Cuomo and Zucker need to be investigated, pronto!

This video will likely be scrubbed from youtube soon. I already know people who are posting the video on other web platforms and you should do that too if you can. It is possible this may be an important piece of evidence moving forward. I had previously written in this post that we had sources working to authenticate this video; it appears the NY Post has been able to do that.

When I watch this nurse break down into tears and tell all of the ways she has seen Black & Brown COVID patients die of malpractice it starts to become painfully, heart-breakingly clear to me why so many front line workers facing the COVID crisis are committing suicide.

More updates soon.

NY Post covers Youtube video:

One thought on “Black and Brown COVID Patients Left to “Rot and Die” says Nurse

  1. There has been 100% proof vitamin C to bowel tolerance cures COVID, as well as H2O2 nebulized. Both safe, both known to the CDC and HIH. Why aren’t they saving people with these methods? I can’t think of any reason other than they want to sell the masses drugs and vaccines for $’s. It’s no more complicated than that. Fauci NOT using proven natural cures and knowing this makes him a murderer. No one had to die. Why not put natural cures on television? Why not have naturopaths on television? Because the Corporate Media is funded by the Pharma Cartel via advertising. Mention natural cures and the host is off the air. Hundreds of people die every year from Tylenol, but if one person dies from misusing a supplement or compounded medicine, it’s front page news. Notice there’s no more buzz over the shortage of ventilators, because they were killing people. I know for a fact Yale backed off of using them. There needs to be a huge investigation in Fauci’s handling of this. Or mishandling. And now all natural cures other than what the CDC and WHO recommends are taken off of social media. So now you can’t get a second opinion? MD’s aren’t allowed to treat people any other way? This is medical fascism. There is no more medical freedom and that is their goal. We’re letting them succeed. Think.




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