Cuomo Sees End to In-Person Schooling in New York

Working with Bill Gates to Out Source Education and Make Remote Learning Permanent


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May 5, 2020 — The insanity and ignorance of Andrew Cuomo knows no bottom.

At his presser today Cuomo wondered why we even have children go to school anymore, and that he is partnering with Bill Gates to outsource public education and expand remote learning in New York. Perhaps Cuomo hasn’t heard the stories of morbidly depressed students, locked at home who feel they have to teach themselves even when their teacher is on the other end of the screen staring back at them, doing everything they can to reach that child.

Maybe Cuomo hasn’t heard about the children who have killed themselves due to the lockdown, such as 12-year-old Hayden Hunstable, whose father has publicly blamed his son’s suicide on the isolation inflicted on him by the lockdown.

“You have kids who can’t go run off their energy in PE class. They can’t get that one hug from their teacher that they needed,” said Hayden’s father, Brad Hunstable, in a Facebook video he posted in honor or his son’s memory.

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Maybe Cuomo has no clue of the benefit that face-to-face, human interaction has on children and human beings in general.

Maybe Cuomo has no idea how easy it is for children to not show up to school on remote learning platforms, or how easy it is for students to “leave” or “cut class.”

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, about the stress and burden remote learning has put on parents.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have pedophiles in their homes, and school was their only escape; the only place where maybe, just maybe, one day they would find an adult who cared enough to listen between their words and make a call to ACS that would save and change their lives forever.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know how horrible it is for children who have physical abusers in their homes, and (insert everything said from last paragraph)

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that children with disabilities despise remote learning; they gain nothing and lose so much.

Maybe Cuomo doesn’t know that Bill Gates has recently admitted Common Core – which is the baby of Gates himself – was and is a massive failure. But don’t worry, Gates has a plan for that. And tell me again – why the hell are we going to listen to a plan to fix a problem from the problem-maker!?

Cuomo is the man who called himself “the most progressive Governor” in the history of New York. There is nothing, absolutely nothing “progressive” with expanding remote learning in New York. This is a regressive, anti-child, anti-Union, anti-middle class tactic.

Cuomo – riddle me this: will children still have to adhere to your Draconian vaccination laws – that allow for no personal or religious exemptions – if they aren’t attending school?

8 thoughts on “Cuomo Sees End to In-Person Schooling in New York

  1. Cuomo is an idiot! There are a lot of kids that want to go to school cause it’s the only thing that is stable in their life , or how about the kids that are being abused at home? Or the ones that go hungry cause their Guardian sold all the food stamp money for drugs? School is so much more then just an education to so many kids it’s their safe place! Cuomo needs to go !


  2. What about things like band, orchestra, sports teams, clubs, and school plays. What about the community that builds between parents and children through school sponsored events? Maybe as the son of a career politician, Cuomo grew up in a bubble where such activities were forbidden due to security concerns. I took my kids on a bike ride to visit some of their friends and the face to face contact was so much better than Zoom, Facetime, and texting.


  3. Where did you get the idea that “kids with disabilities despise remote learning”? What about all of the kids with disabilities that traditional school leaves behind who are bullied day after day? Not every kid is neurotypical, and not every kid needs to be around other kids their age all day long to get adequate socialization––there are plenty of outlets in the community that homeschoolers take advantage of every day (except now because of the lockdown). Homeschoolers tend to have excellent social skills because they have the time to pursue their interests and go meet people in the community of all ages and backgrounds. Don’t make blanket statements about things you clearly haven’t researched enough.

    Obviously, it’s a terrible time right now for kids who live in abusive homes and kids who don’t do well with remote learning, and I’m not trying to negate that. However, this doesn’t mean remote learning is always terrible for everyone. Just as remote learning doesn’t work for everyone, neither does traditional schooling. Expanding remote-learning possibilities IS progressive because it finally acknowledges that classroom instruction isn’t the best way for everyone to learn––and it takes the pressure off parents who would like their kids to have the benefits of homeschooling, but who don’t have the education to teach them on their own. Misinformed posts like this do a tremendous disservice to all of the kids who do best in remote-learning situations.

    –A former homeschooler/remote-schooler whose education allowed me to thrive in every way


  4. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    I agree homeschooling can be fantastic for many children. What I support more than anything else is *choice.*

    For some students remote learning is fine. However being a New Yorker myself and having known hundreds of disabled students with IEPs and their parents I know, for sure, that remote learning is not, and cannot, meet the majority of these children’s needs that they should legally be receiving as laid out on their IEPs.

    Remote learning can be progressive, but not the way Cuomo & Gates will lay it out.

    Cuomo is an authoritarian dictator who is trying to bust teacher unions, save a state he helped to bankrupt, hand over health & education to Bill Gates and get rid of choices under the guise of supporting “public health.”

    That is NOT progressive in any way, shape or form.

    IF Cuomo wanted to expand remote learning options for homeschoolers and children with disabilities whose parents CHOOSE that as the best setting for their child I would be all for that: but that ain’t what he’s doing. He wants to destroy the public education system and get it off of his budget. He wants less choice, not more.

    Don’t fall for King Cuomo’s B.S. – he does not have the best interest of New Yorkers in mind. And Bill Gates is the greatest threat to humanity today.

    Thank you again for your comment.



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