The Village Sun Attacks Liz Glass

Sun Smears Liz Glass as “Anti-Vaxxer”

Vote Brad Hoylman OUT on June 23rd!

Senate District 27, Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and Lower East Side

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May 27, 2020 – Liz Glass is running against New York State Senator Brad Hoylman in the Democratic primary in Senate District 27 (Manhattan) on June 23, 2020. The Village Sun has just published a hit-piece on Glass calling her an “anti-vaxxer.”

Here’s a response from Glass to The Village Sun:


“I am not an anti-vaxxer; I am pro-choice on all medical procedures. My opponent Brad Hoylman supports forcing New Yorkers to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This fast-tracked, liability-free product will forego standard safety studies. That said, if New Yorkers want to take the vaccine, I support their choice to do so. My campaign platform is not limited to medical freedom. However, given mandatory vaccines for all New Yorkers are coming – and not just for COVID-19 – this issue has created enormous support for my campaign. New Yorkers don’t want experimental medical procedures forced on them. They want the truth; they want choice.” – Liz Glass


The Sun’s hit-piece was one-sided and contained minimal research or facts. It even got Glass’s position on bail reform incorrect. The Sun reported Glass “fears bail reform” when her platform says she wants to enact “intelligent bail reform.” Despite these smears and inaccuracies the comments at the end of the report were quite enlightening. Here are a few of them:

Erin Knight posted the following comment:

Hoylman is sponsoring a bill that will kick kids out of school if the don’t get HPV shots, even though HPV has absolutely nothing to do with school. He promotes discrimination against medically fragile and vaccine-injured children…

Anthony Donovan posted the following comment:

Brad could build some bridges by at least hearing a number who are on the fence about mandatory vaccinations in a land where science and medicine are deeply imbedded in profitteering. So, we need to at least let people know that you’ll keep an eye on that Brad. We know of those around the world working on a safe, tested vaccine are willing to offer it freely to the world, as Jonas Salk did with Polio. But not our big pharma… they are rushing to get there first patent and make a huge profit…. and control it. That’s wrong in my eyes.

Steph posted the following comment:

She’s not telling anyone what to do with their bodies. This article is not accurate as most media is owned by corporations to make sure they spin information. I would rather be free to make Medical Decisions than have someone tell me I have no choice. A vote for Brad is a vote for LOSS of freedom. He already has bills into state for a vaccine that has not been created for use yet. Scary right???? Also she is NOT a one issue challenger…

Chris posted the following comment:

This is a very misleading headline. Liz Glass is pro informed consent, pro constitutional rights, pro choice, pro LGBT, and for medical freedom. I like that shes a teacher and a champion for students & adults with disabilities. She will advocate for children’s education. I would listen to her with concern to bill gates restructuring the NY public school system.

Concerned New Yorker posted the following comment:

Very misleading article. Pro informed consent, pro choice. For LGTB equality and rights. Advocate for the disabled, who for too long and too often have been forgotten and dismissed. A mother, a parent an advocate. Someone who will not put their political career in front of their constituents’ needs and concerns. Someone who will stand up to Cuomo and the corruption in Albany. Those are just some of the things that come to mind. Change needs to happen, Brad Hoylman knows his time is up. He has given up all his legislative power to a corrupt Governor with his vote of S7919 and ran home.
Vote him out, meet Elizabeth Glass, speak to her and vote him out. Get your voice back in Albany!

Dinne Gill posted the following comment:

You need to do more research on both Glass and Hoylman. Glass is for medical freedom, that means choice between parents, patient and doctor. Hoylman wants to mandate HPV vaccine to all young school children stealing parental rights. Gardasil is a high risk vaccine with many adverse effects and death. No shot, no school. HPV is Not contagious in a school setting why should young children be mandated to get the jab? Read up on Hoylman’s ties with Merck pharmaceuticals. Read Merck’s rap sheet. Follow the $$$. Not only parents but School districts oppose The HPV mandates along with many politicians…

Leila A posted the following comment:

I 100% support Liz and her fight for medical freedom and choice. She is awesome and we all need to vote for her. (Thank you Liz for standing up for the people!!!!)

…and that is only a sample of the comments.

If you are a registered Democrat living in Senate District 27 in Manhattan, this includes Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and the Lower East Side, please vote for Liz Glass on June 23rd!

2 thoughts on “The Village Sun Attacks Liz Glass

  1. Thank you for supporting medical choice. Can I just request/suggest that being called an “anti-vaxxer” not be seen as an ‘attack’ – rather, call it what is is, a compliment. An admission. Else, you’re just buying in to their propaganda-speak.


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I disagree.

      I believe certain terms take on a life of their own and have multiple meanings.

      “Anit-vaxxer” has become akin to a racist slur. Liz Glass does a fantastic job in her response parsing the difference. She supports anyone getting vaccinated who wants to and makes that choice. I know “anti-vaxxers” who do not support that, and believe all vaccines should be abolished and no one should be allowed to take them. That is not the position LIz Glass takes, and I believe it is critical to take the time to inform the public of the difference between being “anti” as opposed to “pro.”

      Liz Glass is pro-choice on all medical procedures.

      Thank you again for your comment.

      FED UP DEM


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