Brad Hoylman is an Enemy of the People in NYC

Allows Privatization of NYCHA Homes / Helped Close St. Vincent’s Hospital

He must be voted out on June 23rd Democratic Primary


May 30, 2020 — Brad Hoylman helped move NYCHA residents towards privatization as well as close St. Vincent’s Hospital, all while pretending to represent the wishes of his constituents.

Hoylman is the former General Counsel to the Partnership for New York City, which represents corporate interests in NYC, not the people’s interest. While Hoylman has pretended to stand up for the people’s rights he has done nothing to stop these corporate interests from having their way in Senate District 27. 

In fact just 3 months ago in February Hoylman was pretending to protest in support of NYCHA residents while allowing privatization to creep in.

According to Fight For NYCHA:

This year, Big Business interests are pressuring Mayor Bill de Blasio to end public housing as we know it, including in State Sen. Hoylman’s (district 27). And State Sen. Hoylman has not once denounced the mayor or the mayor’s plans. Like last year, Fight For NYCHA reasonably expect State Sen. Hoylman to put on a big show about how much he supports public causes, and then he will fold at the very last minute, like he always does.


Hoylman is 100% fraud!

He’s not a man of the people, he just plays one in Albany.

Hoylman pretended to support the NYCHA residents by leading a protest in Albany on the very same day Mayor Bill De Blasio announced plans for 5,900 NYCHA apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn to be privatized. Fight For NYCHA reported the following:

“Is it no coincidence that, finally, on the same day when Mayor Bill de Blasio (announced the privatization scheme) in Brooklyn and Manhattan, it would take place as State Sen. Hoylman was leading this charade up in Albany?

But this is no surprise to those who know of Hoylman’s political past.

Closing St. Vincent’s Hospital

In 2010 Brad Hoylman was the chair of Manhattan Community Board 2 and he claimed to support saving St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village. However he turned his back on the community when Partnership for New York City began to call in mortgage notes from the public charity hospital that led to the hospital’s bankruptcy and liquidation at pennies on the dollar.

Remember Hoylman used to work for Partnership for New York City, and acts as if he still does!

And what was St. Vincent’s Hospital converted into? Luxury condominiums. Lower Manhattan residents are still reeling from the loss of this public charity hospital. Hospital closures in NYC have been happening the entire time Andrew Cuomo has been Governor, and Brad Hoylman has no problem going along with Cuomo’s program.

Vote Brad Hoylman OUT!

Vote for Elizabeth Glass!

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Democratic Primary, June 23, 2020

Senate District 27Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Time Square, Upper West Side, Midtown East, Stuyvesant Town, East Village and Lower East Side