Andy Marte For New York Senate


Did Julia Salazar’s Staffer Stage his Own Arrest for Publicity?

June 8, 2020 – Andy Marte is challenging Julia Salazar for her New York Senate seat in Brooklyn’s 18th District. If you can volunteer to help his campaign he needs the help now, as there is only 2 weeks left till the Democratic primary in New York on June 23rd.

Contact his campaign at 347-744-8632 or

On June 5th the arrest of Julia Salazar’s communications director, Michael Carter, caught Marte’s attention. It further supported his long held position that Salazar and her team are too radical to implement the necessary changes that Brooklyn really needs:

Here is what Marte had to say on the situation:

“This is a long standing radical strategy, to get yourself arrested. Why is a state government staffer out in the street taunting officers that are trying to keep peace?”

“If you look at Carter’s Facebook page he’s friends with Rep. Ilhan Omar, AOC and other vehement Democrats. These people altogether have done nothing better than Donald Trump; dividing this country in the interest of party and ideology over unity. The low income and working class people of the 18th District don’t need looting and vandalism, they want stable, good paying jobs, affordable housing, an upgraded health care and education system. Above all, they want safety and small businesses to return to their hands and away from large, monopolistic corporations.”

Recently Marte was in Albany lobbying for the repeal of 50-a. This is the law that allows public servants like police officers, correction officers and firmen to have the privacy of their records protected from the public. I told Marte he is viewed as being supportive of the police, so why is he calling for 50-a to be repealed?

“NYPD support and 50-a repeal are not mutually exclusive. I’m in favor of bringing transparency to police brutality. Why should abusers be protected in any employment? Especially legally protected. However, my support of the repeal is conditioned on having a system in place for police records. Blanket release of police documents is a threat to the lives on officers and to the public.”

Marte is a man who understands the subtlety of legislating change for his constituents. He understands you need to listen to the people in the community; not the press, not big corporations, not special interests, not those with hidden agendas, but the actual people he lives among.

Vote For Andy Marte on June 23rd in the NY Democratic Primary:

Senate District 18, Brooklyn: Cypress Hills, East NY, Bushwick, Bed Stuy, Brownsville, Ocean Hill, Greenpoint, Williamsburg


For more info on Marte, read my first report on him published February 3, 2020 –