Help Liz Glass Get Elected in NYC


Liz Glass needs volunteers to hand out flyers to help her win her primary election against Brad Hoylman in District 27, Manhattan. Glass has been doing this in small groups already and knows how to navigate the area even in the era of COVID. This will be happening everyday for 10 days starting on Saturday, June 13th, and she needs your help! This could make or break the campaign.

Keep in mind many people are wearing masks in Manhattan while outside, but not all. Whether you choose to wear a mask and/or gloves while volunteering is totally up to you, but we do suggest bringing some form of mask with you just in case (even if you choose not to wear it). You will be briefly trained on what to say and how to say it.

Please call the following numbers to schedule a time to volunteer:

TO VOLUNTEER CALL: 646-641-1418 or 646-824-2373

Meeting Times WEEK ENDS: Saturday & Sunday: meet at 11am, or meet at 3pm

Meeting Times WEEK DAYS: Monday – Friday: meet at 11am, or meet at 4pm

MEETING PLACE: Go to the vicinity of 543 East 11th Street NYC, near Avenue B. It is near a church. Please DO NOT contact the church.

FYI You can get great Pizza East 11th & B; hipster hangout at East 10th Street and Avenue B

***If you can’t volunteer, please consider donating to GlassForSenate campaign***

Donate to Liz Glass’ campaign HERE

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